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  1. I bet none of you bitches have read the actual bill.
  2. What about filling her giant ass?
  3. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/02/25/charlie-sheen-rant-audio_n_828186.html
  4. Are assassins for the pope! Charlie'isms rule!
  5. In other news, Qadaffi is a middle eastern leader that wasn't democratically elected.
  6. Have any of you crybabies read the actual proposed bill?
  7. You mean like the picture of Bush et al photoshopped into Hitler.
  8. You've never seemed to object to that before.
  9. What if the MN Guvv, put in a bullet train?
  10. The single largest piece if legislation since Social Security and the unions gets exempted from the mandate. Its clear that Walker is not only solving their budget shortfall and also breaking it off in the Union's ass. I really don't see a downside. After what's been done and said over the last two years here's a does of "shove it down their throats" and "fuck off" all at once. It was all good when it was your program but now that its not your just a bunch of hand wringing whiny bitches. How do you like them apples?
  11. So what you're saying is that you're no longer in favor of "shove it down their throat" style of politics?
  12. J_b, I caught your segment on Lawrence O'Donell last night, you come off just as paranoid and kooky in person.
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