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Thanks for that Hugh. I think D-dog is perhaps the strangest thing to ever brush up against this site, topping even the fraudlent speed climber. That encyclopedia dramatica entry G-spotter posted a link to (careful folks, there's stuff there that you can't unsee ever) misses the whole basejumping end of things, another community he burned through in a most controversial manner. His presence here was extraordinarily normal compared to the rest of his internet life.


I never believed that Gerbil stuff in the past, but this bit really makes me wonder. yeeesh.


In an unrelated note, I brought three sheep home today. baa

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When I first heard the Richard Gear thing years ago I suppose I filed under things I don't understand. Over the years it faded into urban legend, and became a textbook case of how to recognize an urban legend.


I guess no matter how much you know, this is more shit out there than you want to know, and you might not know what you will one day know, and you'll be like holy shit, but it just figures cc.com was involved somehow.

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