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OR show - neat shit thread


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What's some new neat stuff you've seen at the OR show?


Petzel's new tools obviously!

Grivel is back in action: new ice ax shovel, weird draws(purpose?)

Mad Rock: nice nut tool, frog-like stick clip biner


I only had an hour and most was spent chit-chatting.


P.s. I'll be giving out books at the book signing at Alpenbooks saturday 12:30-1:30. Stop by.

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Hey Mike what booth # are you at?


Petzl's newest biner is pretty cool.


BD stuf has already been outed obviously.


A suspected 3 new tools from Petzl. Allfor the technical crowd and pretty sweet. Hammer and adze for all and all using the Nomic pic now.


I'm trying to up load pictures.

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Oct. delivery on the new tools. The tools we are seeing at the show now and out climbing right (Ueli Steck and the Petzl web page) are still prototypes. Close but still protos. I found it interesting the even Steck hadn't seen or used the new tools till just last week.


All the new tools are now taking the older style Nomic picks. But now they are cut to take hammer and adze (the coldthistle hammer and adze are lighter fwiw). All the picks are now T rated as well and with a 3 year guarantee!


Both are extra cost wise..tools come with nothing but a washer spacer.


My take is buy the old Nomic/Quark at a discount. New pick/hammer/adze will work on the old Nomic.. The new "spike" and weight drops aren't going to be appreciated by everyone


The radical Ergo on the other hand is going to add some more options to steep ice and mixed. Damn I forgot ato ask price..


$325, 300 and 250 I think were the suggested retails.


Hidden place to add umbilicals on all three tools...which is very tricky. I'll post detailed photos and lots of them up whenn I get back mid week.


Scarpa has some incredible new boots, the Guide and the 6000...which I offered my left nut for :) Of course no one was nterested in the trade. They should be out in March.

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Other Scarpa is more Nepal Evo like. Looks like a good boot.


The umbilical attachment is new and hidden on the Nomic and Ero.

I have detail pictures I'll post next week when I get home. Can't remember if they used the same system as well as the spike hole on the new Quark but I'll look.

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