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  1. Where-to in late March?

    I'd take a look at Alaska also. Plenty on the road system still in that time of year.
  2. Test

  3. Trad classes in California?

    Try Alpine Skills International (based out of the Backcountry in Truckee i believe) or Bear Valley Guides. They both do classes at the Leap.
  4. Smith Rock April 26-28th

    I'll be headed up to Seattle for a week and am planning on stopping by Smith the weekend before (and possibly after) for some climbing. As of now I'd climb all day Friday & Saturday, climb Sunday morning and head out to Seattle that afternoon/evening. I lead 5.7 on gear and 5.9- sport around the Tahoe area, so whatever that translates into for Smith I'm not sure. PM if you're intrested. Pat FLAG
  5. best overall digital camera for climbing

    Olympus Stylus!!! I bought the 770SW for my wife (me) last Christmas. I love it. I don't think you can beat it for a point and shoot. It's shock and waterproof. To clean it off after getting dusty/dirty the directions say to turn it on and stick it under the faucet!! Last spring I stepped on it with my crampons on. Put a scratch on the case and LCD display but works great. The only draw back that I see is there is no viewfinder. Bright light conditions can be tough but hasn't caused too much of a problem for me yet.
  6. OR show - neat shit thread

    So when will these new tools be available? I'm hoping for a good deal on the now older Nomic's!
  7. FS: Older Sabretooths, Screamers

    I'd like the screamers. PM sent.
  8. Arcteryx Soft Shell, Down Vest, BD Arc Ascents

    No but these will. http://cascadeclimbers.com/forum/ubbthreads.php/ubb/showflat/Number/926916/gonew/1/AT_skis_bindings_Tua_Silverett#UNREAD
  9. Ouray 6-12th

    I will be in Ouray from the 6th to the 12th. I'm always looking for new partners to climb with. I don't think that the guy going with me will want to climb as much as I will so l'm looking for anyone who would be interested in climbing. I climb WI4 comfortably but would be willing to go with new climbers or belay for anyone wanting to climb harder stuff. Pat nine zero seven-nine four two-three four four five
  10. Petzl Ultra Headlamp

    That thing is amazing! The local shop owner skis at night with it. Lights up half the mountain it seems like. For as bright as it is it’s fairly light. The price is insane though. Even over $250 wholesale!!
  11. Central Wash Climbing

    Thanks for the suggestions. They look promising.
  12. Central Wash Climbing

    I will be swinging through Seattle the second week in October and was looking at heading up to Liberty Bell area. I was wondering if anyone could make a sugestion on something closer to the Seattle area. I'm looking at trad in the 5.6 range. Thanks