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  1. Hello - I have all of the issues on your list except #1 - only have one of that one. All are in primo condition. What sort of pricing did you have in mind? These are relatively hard to come by especially in such good shape but I am pretty reasonable. Let's move this to our e-mails? Klettterhund@msn.com
  2. Just back from a long weekend. I definitely have some of those... I will take a good look! James
  3. Consider $110 shipped (slow...) to PDX? Thanks, James
  4. I am interested in the Metolius TCU and Micronuts... Are you in PDX - I am in Beaverton. 3.407.4353
  5. Very top left - the 3 Crack-n-Ups (not Tomahawks) - What would you take to ship them to PDX? Thanks!
  6. I had the entire collection - including the holy #1... Had some flood damage and lost a bunch of the older ones - including the very earliest. Anyways, I have quite a few doubles I am still sorting through. I will let you know when I know what I have to give, sell, or trade...
  7. This is a long shot I know... Looking to replace Mountain Magazine Issues #1-#6 damaged in a flood event... Cash, PayPal, or a combination trade for other Mountain Magazines duplicate issues or other collectable gear. Thanks...
  8. Ha! Might have to wait a few more days but... could happen!
  9. :Looking for Alpinist #0 Prefer first edition, will consider second edition... My collection suffered some water damage!
  10. Any thought of expanding into re-slinging cams??? If you do not already...
  11. Looking to replace my Alpinist #0 Original or reprint... Anyone?
  12. With the rainy weather I have had time to scour my humble collections..."Missing" the #0 issue of Alpinist and a #14 Forrest Mountaineering Titon.Anyone have either or both for sale???Thanks!
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