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  1. sold! Arc’teryx Alpha AR 35 pack $100

    Consider $110 shipped (slow...) to PDX? Thanks, James
  2. I am interested in the Metolius TCU and Micronuts... Are you in PDX - I am in Beaverton. 3.407.4353
  3. sold! Plenty of pitons. $90

    Very top left - the 3 Crack-n-Ups (not Tomahawks) - What would you take to ship them to PDX? Thanks!
  4. wanted to buy Wanted: Mountain Magazine back issues

    I had the entire collection - including the holy #1... Had some flood damage and lost a bunch of the older ones - including the very earliest. Anyways, I have quite a few doubles I am still sorting through. I will let you know when I know what I have to give, sell, or trade...
  5. for sale Black Diamon Whippet ski poles

    Are these still available???
  6. This is a long shot I know... Looking to replace Mountain Magazine Issues #1-#6 damaged in a flood event... Cash, PayPal, or a combination trade for other Mountain Magazines duplicate issues or other collectable gear. Thanks...
  7. wanted to buy WTB - Alpinist #0

    Ha! Might have to wait a few more days but... could happen!
  8. wanted to buy WTB - Alpinist #0

    :Looking for Alpinist #0 Prefer first edition, will consider second edition... My collection suffered some water damage!
  9. for sale Ice Equipment Sharpening and Gear Repair

    Any thought of expanding into re-slinging cams??? If you do not already...
  10. wanted to buy WTB Alpinist #0

    Looking to replace my Alpinist #0 Original or reprint... Anyone?
  11. With the rainy weather I have had time to scour my humble collections..."Missing" the #0 issue of Alpinist and a #14 Forrest Mountaineering Titon.Anyone have either or both for sale???Thanks!
  12. wanted to buy #14 Forrest Titon

    True, the #1 and larger sizes, say #11 to #17, folks are obviously hoarding! Still trying to figure out how I "lost" my #14... I HAD the full set!
  13. wanted to buy #14 Forrest Titon

    I have lost (!?!?!?!?!!!?) the #14 Forrest Titon from my collection... Looking to buy (or trade other Titons sizes) for reasonable amount... or equivalent in beer... or single malt...
  14. Madrone Wall (OR) OPENS 10/21/17

    Awesome! Finally...
  15. FS: Cilogear and Arc'teryx Packs

    Size of FL if still available?