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  1. Mammut shock absorbers, carried a bit, obviously never deployed. Like these: Mammut Shock Absorbers Five (5) of them. Buyer can look them over for a day and ship them back for refund if not as described. $75 shipped for all
  2. I'm pretty borderline between MH sizes, how tall is the modeler? Thanks
  3. $20/ea for Helix's $25/ea for 360's $265 for all
  4. I'm keeping a few for mountaineering, but getting rid of most of my WI rack. All are used, but in good-great condition. No mangled teeth, but slight use can be seen on each. +- 95% overall. All will ship with caps and homemade spandex sleeves. For my own sanity and organization, I'm only going to sell 2 or more to a single address for now. If the buyer looks them over for a day and disagrees with my description you can ship them back to me for a refund of what you paid me. Thanks! Prices include shipping. Helix: 16 cm, 6 count, $25/ea 12 cm, 2 count, $25/ea 360: 16 cm, 4 count, $30/ea 12 cm, 1 count, $30/ea $320 for all of them
  5. I picked these up before leaving the Bozeman area as a backup/loaner pair and am liquidating some ice gear due to non-use. The mountaineering is sweet in western WY but too far to the WI for the time I have to spend. They are new, a few scuffs from living in my gear closet. Thanks $225 shipped
  6. Maybe you're already on it, but my ankles got way stronger when i started running and hiking in low drop, pretty minimal footwear. I'm not talking the vibram five fingers stuff, more like Inov-8 295, etc.
  7. I took it. Keep us posted, interested in your idea.
  8. Rab Xenon insulated jacket, XL, 1st generation. Excellent, near perfect condition. It's treated me well but I need to reduce some outerwear overlap. $100 shipped
  9. Hammer, new in packaging, don't have my matrix tech's anymore so don't need it. Just like this one: Grivel Pick Sold
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