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  1. Looking for a newish pair of dual vertical front point crampons for sale or trade for my newish Petzl Dart mono-points. Photos later. ---- Bill in Portland
  2. Goal: Silvretta or other lightweight AT BINDING with or without lightweight APPROACH skis for use with Size 45 (12) LaSportiva Prime climbing boot. Problem: I'm a cheap old bastard, uncomfortable with the 3-digit prices asked on this board.... Solution: You empty your attic of old, never-use-again junk & I empty my wallet of small bills.....
  3. Strap-On or Clip-In?

    What are those two boots pictured?
  4. Petzl Ergo and BD Sabertooth sale

    sending pm
  5. Wanted: new style Cobras or Nomics - pair or singles
  6. Portland Banff ticket?

    Any extra Banff Portland tickets out there for sale? (Craigs list supply is exhausted). Thanks, Bill update: disregard - found tickets
  7. Right out of the box, Mountain Hardware Downtown Coat, Men's Medium, $180. Most mediums fit me well, but this coat is a hair too tight in my armpits. I have only tried it on a few times and have not worn it outside. If you weigh less than 165 lbs. this should fit your medium torso. View: Mountain Hardware A waterproof / breathable shell, full coverage hood, fleece lined hand pockets and 650-fill down keep out bitter cold and keep in warmth. MSRP: 300.00 Color: Otter Brown Weight 2 lbs, 11 oz / 1220.00 g Laminate Conduit™ Insulation 650-Fill Goose Down Body Ascent Micro Herringbone AXF • Zip off hood • Micro-chamois lined chin guard • Rib knit collar and cuffs • Fleece lined hand pockets • Interior MP3 pocket with earpiece cord exit • Interior zip pocket • AXF Super DWR finish repels water 5 times longer than standard DWRs PM for Portland Area Pick Up Please. Bill
  8. building kids ice tools, 'pons

    Ouray had 75 (?) kids go thru their "kids college" - some as young as 4 y/o! Can there really be 'pons for these booties? Bill
  9. building kids ice tools, 'pons

    Thanks for the link, Colin - I had not seen this. That reminds me I have an old Charlet Moser straight shaft "3rd tool" with similar grip size & wt. - both should be good for preteens & older. For the little tykes I'm trying to use up a dozen pairs of old but never used kid's ski poles & just as old ice pro (most never used)- and the combi (esp. the 6.4 oz. wt.) seems best aimed at smaller kids. Bill
  10. I'm building a few small kid's ice tools and wonder what's available or what's been done. Are there 'pons made for little warriors? My tools use kid's sturdy fiberglass ski pole handles & shafts, slotted for a [unnamed & unpopular hooked ice protection device], wound with fiberglass strapping tape & finished with red tape matching the shaft. Took 15 minutes, 12" long with sweet swing, 6.4 oz., feels solid when shattering freezer ice just like real tools. May remove significant metal to make the "stick" easier for small kids. Wrap rather than epoxy makes for quick disassembly. My search didn't find much - any suggestions for ice tools or 'pons? Bill
  11. Sold to the first lucky local!
  12. OR show - neat shit thread

    Certainly hope it's not that hole in the grip (Ergo photo)....
  13. BIG (!!!) Asolo Cholatse GV Ice/Technical Boot - NEW - Less than Half Original Price: Image: Trailspace Paraphrased from Trailspace: The Cholatse GV is a crampon-compatible ice/technical mountaineering boot constructed with weight savings and warmth in mind. Specifications: Weight: 780 gr (1/2 pair size 8.5 US) Integrated Gaiter. Upper: High resistance polyamide fabric and micro fiber Lining: Gore-Tex (Sierra) Asoframe: Carbon and Kevlar Anatomic Foot bed: Summit Sole: Vibram Lavaredo, dual-density mid sole in microporous rubber, PU attachments for automatic crampons. ------------- My Cholatse GVs (GTX) just arrived but are WAY bigger than any size 12 I have ever seen. If your foot fits a boot measuring 12.25" INSIDE length, you may want to check these for fit. One climber has first dibs, but if other Portland area bigfoots want to check out the fit, pm me. I strenuously avoid shipping. A decent offer less than half the $430 original price would be nice for these brand spankin' new ice/technical mountaineering boots that are identical to the pic and have had feet in them for less than 30 seconds. Note: to test sole stiffness, I place the heel against my chest & try to bend the toe by pulling toward me. These boot soles gave the most resistance of any non-plastic boot I've tested - even stiffer than new size 46 Nepals! They are not as "roomy" in the toe box as the Nepals. Asolo's description, not mine: "narrow in width, but then have a high volume – which creates a unique fit that works well for a wide range of feet that may be on both the narrow or wide side of a medium fit."
  14. Asolo Cholatse - Narrow or Wide?

    My Cholatse GVs (GTX) arrived but are WAY bigger than any 12 I have ever seen: they measure 12.25" INSIDE which on one chart indicates size 14! One climber has first dibs, but if other Portland bigfoots want to check out the fit, pm me. I need to avoid shipping. [see todays yard sale] Note: to test sole stiffness, I place the heel against my chest & try to bend the toe by pulling toward me. These boots gave the most resistance of any non-plastic boot I've tested - even stiffer than my new 46 Nepals! And as Trogdor points out, these are not as "roomy" in the toe box as the Nepals. Asolo reports they are "narrow with high volume - offering a good fit to a wide range of feet."
  15. Asolo Cholatse - Narrow or Wide?

    The sole flex issue has been confusing (to me). For mixed, salespeople (I hear your warning, Dane) have been recommending boots that I find have less sole rigidity than the Nepals (in 45+ sizes). My pitches of recent mixed convinced me (1) the Nepals were plenty rigid, and (2) this 'ol body needs more than my Trango Evo S can offer. I had hoped the Cholatse's rigidity would be close to the Nepal's. Fortunately, I have 30 days to test & return the Cholatses. Background: I'm about ready to return my Nepals after weeks of trying different sizes, sock combis & lacing, despite knowing they are THE boot for my needs - just can't get a stable fit. Thanks for the help, Bill