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CC.com SausageFest '09 Slide Show Sun Nov. 15th


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I'm headed out the door very shortly, but make sure to bring money for raffle tickets! We have a drink special, but this is all about raising money for Index Lower Town Wall!


That and celebrating 9 years of cc.com, viewing some fantastic slides, and having a couple of beers. The sausage they serve isn't bad, either. (Hint: get the ragin' cajun.)

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Big thanks to:


Steve Swenson

Joe Puryear

Sky Sjue

MC Matt Perkins

Mark the AV God

Mountainmatt and Stewart


Jim Scurlock




and EVERYONE who added to the Index kitty! Hope you all get some good use out of the gear you won.


If you're still looking for that North Cascades National Park poster, check at Pro Mountain Sports in Seattle or Edgeworks Climbing in Tacoma.

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Thanks to everyone who showed up and donated money. Hope everyone had a great time, glad we were able to get this event back on track. I don't have a final count yet but we raised somewhere in the neighborhood of $1500.


We did have 3 people walk out without paying their food bill, which we got stuck with. We know who you are. Since this was obviously an accident please get in touch with us and we'll get it figured out.


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!! it's been, what? 9 years of cc.com? !!


The images I harvested from the site to show at random made us look pretty good, huh? You CAN meet people, share beta, waste your time, and raise money for stuff like purchasing Index on cc.com.


Great night, Jon and Porter. Good schwag, beer, slides, and more money for Index. A good time was had by all. :tup:


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No contests? O'contraire mufrair...It appears that there was a contest in keeping Fred away from all the girlfriends present. Unfortuantely, there were two disappointed men that evening :)


Au contraire mon frère, I do not recall that contest but I do remember Fred sitting alone with no food or drinks...Old Fred was looking a bit randy though...

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