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  1. SETI

    Walker, Texas Ranger is our only hope
  2. North Cascades grizzly study

    I spent the last 3 summers in the Priest Lake area (very near the area to which Jim is referring) and the grizzly activity seems to have increased each year. This past summer, 2 of my co-workers got photos of 3 separate animals, including a juvenile at the roundabout on Schweitzer Road of all places. I am also looking forward to hearing the DNA results from the North Cascades...
  3. Now That's Funny

    6th edition still has it... page 262. Love it
  4. This blows goats

    PORT ANGELES, Wash. - A 63-year-old hiker was fatally injured in Olympic National Park in an encounter with a mountain goat. The park service says Robert H. Boardman of Port Angeles was hurt Saturday as he hiked near the park's Klahhane Ridge and died hours later at a Port Angeles hospital. The Peninsula Daily News reports that Boardman was with friends when a goat appeared and moved toward them. When the goat began to behave aggressively, Boardman tried to shoo it away but it attacked him, goring him in the thigh. Boardman was airlifted to a Port Angeles hospital but could not be revived. Rangers tracked down and killed the animal, which will be analyzed by a veterinary pathologist. "I am deeply saddened by this tragedy," said Karen Gustin, Olympic National Park Superintendent. "My thoughts are with (Boardman's) family and friends." Park spokeswoman Barb Maynes said although there are about eight goats in the area, there has not been an incident like this before.
  5. 2009/2010 Washington Ice

    I go by it every day on the way to work... I just noticed this morning that it was beginning to really fill out, big difference even from a couple days ago... I will also try to take pics tomorrow if I'm not too early for decent light, just in case you can't make it Kevino.
  6. CC.com SausageFest '09 Slide Show Sun Nov. 15th

    And Sharon got the number! Now we all got tha number too! Thanks!
  7. Quickest route to Victoria

    Yes. But you can buy all that perfume you need at the duty-free store while en route
  8. 'Republic Parking' - Tickets from private company?

    I got a ticket from these idiots a few years ago... I actually paid to park and had the little pass they give you on my dash, so I was in full compliance. A few weeks later, I get a $56 ticket in the mail. Funny thing was, it had my name and correct address, but the car & license plate listed on the ticket was not mine. So after a few weeks of back-and-forth BS, they finally quit threatening me with collections. P.S. I just took a huge shit at Starbucks
  9. Chronicles of Mountain Dew (Month TWO)

    Way to go!
  10. Important News!Enumclaw Horse Humper Strikes Again

    They obviously aren't interested in pussy
  11. Bailing partner...

    Pussy whip: the strongest force in the Universe? 8D
  12. Bailing partner...

    After not climbing for a couple years due to injuries and life circumstances I was planning to hit Exit 32/38 today with a buddy to get back in the game... Not an alpine adventure, to be sure, but whatever, I was lookin forward to it. No call, no email yet this morning, so I called him and he is on the way to the mall with his wife. WTF?!?! For fuck's sake, just call and tell me you're gonna bitch out. Now a good portion of this *dry* day is wasted. Just had to get this off my chest yallz. Thank you for your time and here's hoping your partners don't pull this shit.
  13. State's Rights Violation Alert!!!

    This sounds like something you'd hear on curb your enthusiasm
  14. Does your rope need washing?

    How long do you guys put your ropes in the dryer?
  15. Caption Plz....

    "The Crying Game" claims another victim