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Lets go to Montana


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Whats not in Montana.Cops, Trailhead fees,Bivi fees,Sales tax,overpriced food.camping fees.Whats in Montana .Walls next to the road,Walls far from the road,Moose ,Badgerines,the biggest and best bouldering area I've seen withh moderates that even CC.com members could thrutch up,beautiful trad cracks and even sport climbing.

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Whoa, now that's what I call a hybrid!


I've been looking at bouldering photos (courtesy of clan Kingsbury) out of MT for a few years now, looks really stellar, glad you got to go scope it out Dick. Someone with time and inclination should snatch at this opportunity.

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Coming out of Fred Burr (Bitterroots) creek one day, a full cammo jeep with a full cammo jerk pulled up to us and leveled his 45 semi-automatic at my face. He said"If I ever see you in this canyon again I'll blow your fucking head off". Then he calmly drove away. I didn't go back until after the raid.

Out on the flats at the mouth of the canyon was an old ranch turned whacko compound. They refused to pay taxes or get licenses of any kind. They claimed Fred Burr as their own and harassed everyone who entered. Finally two Blackhawk helicopters hovered over the compound and told them to come out of the buildings singe file with their hands on their heads and go directly to the waiting vans. There was a breif commotion as one building was identified as having combatants and was promply leveled. The other buildings were vacated shortly after in the recommended fashion. That was in the Reagan years when events like Waco were off limits to the press.

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