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  1. Would anyone happen to know if there is reliable water sources either below Roan wall (or in basin), or above Roan Wall/Salish pk. area this time of year?
  2. Been meaning to write something up on this new route we did last Jan. Finally found the time. Gilkison's Travels
  3. Why yes, that was me! If I recall, I was doing my first top rope at Barney's Rubble; and both me and my partner Steve were slapped with a 100 dollar ticket by a ranger looking like santa clause. So, disheartened and ticket in hand, we drove down to Peshastin pinnacles where we were later that day, confronted by said ranger,and accused of running over government signs. He crawled beneath my beater hatchback civic, and said a couple scratches on the oil pan looked fresh, and that his forensic partners could come and corroborate that I was the perpetrator. A week later he called and apologized to my parents, after apprehending the culprit. Were you that older gentleman giving us sage council? Thanks for reminding of this story. Yeah, I'll never forget that one.
  4. Remembering my first summer of climbing. Rolling back the years
  5. CBR is amazing! But, I'm going to have to challenge the immaculate attribute, which means perfectly clean, neat, or tidy.
  6. Squamish eats them for dinner. Everyone knows that "Breakfast" is the most important meal of the day.
  7. There is no contest here. Index eats all those other crags for breakfast.
  8. That totally made my day. Great video for a guy with a blown MCL stuck studying in library.
  9. Thanks for the positive comments guys. Still reliving the Mt. Baring climb with fond recollection. This was one of my more memorable rock climbing experiences in the Cascades over the years...and IMO it should see more traffic. Wallstein, what kind of biners were those...? Hope your ribs are ok.
  10. Trip: Mt. Baring - Vanishing Point Date: 9/19/2012 Trip Report: I've not the time or savvy to make an additional report CC specific, but here is a link to the full write-up. Blake Herrington and I climbed Vanishing Point yesterday on Dolomite Tower. It was an excellent day climbing with a solid partner.
  11. Nice Needles TR guys! It really brought back great memories...
  12. Nice work Mikey! Thanks for fore-running all those routes for me. Nice to know they are oompa loompa friendly And, Drew, yes, I vaguely recalling you onsighting it after my scrubbing the death out of that first pitch. It was quite impressive.
  13. Went to Erie and Rosario for the first time today. Had an excellent time. Yes, the last few feet of the Refrigerator wall is covered in a 1/2 of robust moss. I definitely had to unearth some footholds on the finishing sequence of 'total eclipse'. The wall is short but packs a punch; and combined with the amazing scenery and beach side vistas, I'll definitely be back. Neck time however, I'll definitely bring the wire brush. My nylon brushes were completely useless, almost. as for the bolts, yes, perhaps the bolts are rusty. the washers are definitely rusty. I took a nice whip, and didn't crater, so at least one is good! Does anyone know if the 13b on the "headwall" at Snag Butress has been completed? who bolted it? just wondering.. Smoot books says something about it probably being completed by now.
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