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  1. I'd Like to try Bladerunner some afternoon but I don't know how anyone would get a hold of me.Don't have a phone or internet at home.As I recall it would be hard to set a tr on those routes.Where is the Trucktown Cave?
  2. Anyone heading south this weekend?
  3. Pretty sure it was 5.10 with nuts inthe seventies
  4. I think for the first time in decades this climb has chalk on it.Cleaned it and climbed it today.Good value.Lets keep it clean.
  5. Three Trucks on Top of One Another is ready to roll.
  6. Anyone going soon?I need a ride.
  7. I want to climb Rads new routes Thurs. afternoon. Need a partner.
  8. I want to climbsome of the new .11s and 12s
  9. October in Scotland ! Its cold.Get the Guidebook.There is bouldering right in Glasgow. But it's far from inspiring.The climbing in Scotland is great but I don't know about that late in the year.
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