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I need to go climbing.




Shit I don't want to hear about it. Hell my definite next climbing trip is in November in Thailand. That is way to far away.


Maybe I can get a day cragging with a few of you fools when I am out in July and August.

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Thailand! Sweet! BTW, I was slated to fly inn 2008 in DEc to get some laps at Karbi, and they had closed down the airoporto! Shit! It was front page news as it was closed for weeks. Got there the day after the protesters had left and the road was trashed and police were everywhere. For a while there, I had thought I was going to get screwed out of a vacation.


So good luck and remember that there are King Cobras there! No shit, and not the ones in the 40 oz cans either! Of course, you know all that from Afrika. Work the hell out of your upper body, and do pull ups too, before you go. Awesome Kenford.


I'll be here in the cold assed rain this year. Bastard.

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