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Jackass Pass [PR]


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All passes will be compared to aasgard’s pass (the willis wall of hiking). Is there a pass that sucks worse than aasgard for a “day” hike?


Yes, the Cascadian Couloir. Aasgard is a joyful walk in the park by comparison.


Why in the name of god would you walk up the Cascadian Couloir?


Some mountains are better climbed when you have skill to climb them instead of suffering to the top.

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OK-- it will be some time before the next installment so i'm going to clarify a few of these issues until i return.


1)patagucci makes the best parasol for passering. it is light weight, stylishly patterned, made from overhyped synthetic material and highly overpriced.


if you can't step up to the patagucci passering parasol, go with the yates.


2) i don't climb BUT the cc is not a pass. it is COULOIR~ thus not relevant to this discussion.

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