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  1. "...a fund for acquiring vital forestlands in the east Cascades." This seems like a great idea to me. I didn't know Lee Adams but every time I fly over that area, the cut I see bugs me. "Gifts of $1,000 or more will be matched by Lee's family." Reading his connection to our sport makes this cause a natural fit for me, and I admire The Nature Conservancy's work. I can't pony up $1,000 but I wonder if collectively cc.com members can raise that amount? Just 20 people giving $50 will make $1,000. Looking at so much clearcut reminds me of the bumper sticker, If Trees Are A Renewable Resource, Why Are The Forests Disappearing?
  2. “…risks, dangers and hazards including, but not limited to: hidden or exposed earth, rocks, ice, logs, stumps, trees, and other objects cliffs unstable snow packs or ice still and moving water limited visibility hypothermia frostbite loss of balance or control and falls errors of judgment lack of preparation equipment failure or loss failure to act safely or within one’s ability impact or collision with other persons encounters with domestic or wild animals becoming lost remote locations with no communication and inability to get medical assistance dangerous driving conditions negligence of others…”
  3. what's your problem with guns, nancy?
  4. “Warships on standby after Indonesian quake” In other words, “the survivors will be out in the open, a perfect time to attack.” Wouldn’t you want the HELPER ships on standby after a quake? Peace ships, food ships, cruise ships? It seems mean to call in warships at a time like this.
  5. BUMP GODDAMNIT I mean, bump please.
  6. Thread hijack. The Gunks again? P.S. I'd want a slice of your easy cragging but now I'm in B.C.
  7. I want a permit to post. Will you permit me to give you a post-dated cheque? I'll post it ASAP, weather permitting.
  8. In my lifetime?? Can it be? I assume the proposal prohibits birdwatching.
  9. http://www.accvancouver.org/events/details.asp?eventid=843 Sonnie Trotter: High and wild places Event Location: Floral Hall, Van Dusen Gardens Date(s) & Time: Tue, Mar 27 2012 7:30 PM Event Duration: 2 hrs Event Leader(s): Suzanne Landry I am not sure if you must be an Alpine Club of Canada member. I found the link some other way and in fact joined the club because of the link. If the info was out there, I will make a wild-ass guess that you can just show up and count on rational Canadians to sort it out constructively. or something...I'm really tired, but the info is correct
  10. Moved here from Seatown in November. How about The Edge, Cliffhanger, and when it's dry the big rock on the road to Whistler... Anybody? Bueller?
  11. Since I moved to North Van in October I've crossed in both directions 20 times and have never encountered more than a few routine questions. The Canadian border guards are top notch, most of the Americans are jerks, but even if my car is stuffed with boxes and duffels I zip right through. I wish I knew a bunch of drug users, I could make a mint. just kidding! about the drug thing I mean
  12. HAPPY very late BIRTHDAY! Joined MEC? Ha. On my daily commute I pass the Arc'teryx main office.
  13. Wanted: 50cm adze & hammer for alpine ice.
  14. How can there be a requirement for an EIS for a road ***that already exists***?!
  15. This is effing unbelievable. I thought it was a crime it went unrepaired so long. Now this?! And all they had to do was threaten a suit? I wish threats of lawsuits had half as much effect on other government agencies. Can they at least cut the blowdown? I'd like to see a group in wheelchairs complain about the road condition violating their ADA rights...
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