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  1. Moving/Downsizing and cleaning out the gear closet. These got limited use on 4-5 volcano slogs and are in very good condition. They've been gathering dust for the last 10 years. They were purchased new in 1997/98 +/-. Can't find insoles.
  2. I'll bite....there was a similar thread regarding Hood years back. I'd really want to check the motivations here. Are you doing this for your toddler? Will they even remember this in a year or two? Or are you doing it so you can tell your buddies you summitted St. Helens with your toddler. My guess is the latter. The best you could hope for is that you get to the top while managing to keep the toddler from being miserable, injured, or both. Accidents happen even on a mountain like St. Helens. If you are looking for notoriety, find a way of getting it without endangering your kid.
  3. Mike - if you are looking for a point and shoot, you might consider the Canon Powershot "A" series. They aren't quite as small as what you are looking at but small enough. One feature I really like about mine is it takes AA batteries so you can use the cold resistant lithium batteries and also have spare options depending on your headlamp and other gadgets.
  4. I've got a small Canon Powershot that I like - takes good pictures (don't recall the model number). One important aspect that I like is that it takes AA batteries, along with my headlamp and some other gadgets which eliminates the need for spares. The AA lithiums are light and pretty resistant to being drained in the cold.
  5. Funny - I saw a Shuksan mural in the "Croatian Social Club" - Oruro, Bolivia.
  6. I believe that is Eldorado.....very different from this vantage. My wife and I spent the night in the lookout a few years back in the summer....amazing!
  7. Got myself a gray one (Evazote) at Gossamer Gear a couple years back...looks like they are out of the 3/8" right now though http://www.gossamergear.com/cgi-bin/gossamergear/thinlight.html
  8. If you have a family and/or children, praying may have the reverse effect in my experience. Spending time with Jesus will likely deepen that relationship, and in so doing likely transform you more and more into his likeness. This by extension should make you a more loving more selfless person, specifically to those in your immediate sphere of influence - most notably your family. I believe loving your children means spending more (vs. less) time with them, and providing for them spiritually, emotionally, and financially. It's pretty tough to pay for their college when you are dead. Christianity at its' core is believing in something greater than yourself, which seems to be the antithesis of climbing.
  9. *sigh* The birth of my daughter all but eliminated by summer climbing season but I was able to break free from our California meet the (great) grandmas trip up to Tuolumne to finally tick off the Regular Route on Fairview Dome (~12P 5.9)
  10. I'm very happy with my Dynafit setup and I think the boots work great for moderate snow climbs. The skiing performance will far exceed what you will get out of a ski/mountaineering boot combo as well. Also, if you get a good fit, the boots can be surprisingly comfortable to walk in. For example, Bug and I did the Colchuck NBC in March of 2008, and due to the hardpacked nature of the trail, I hiked the entire approach (6 miles) in my 3-buckle Garmont Rando boots as well as completed the climb to the notch with no blisters. I also survival skied my way out, with a moderately heavy pack...something I wouldn't have attempted on a noodly moutaineering boot setup. That said I did not feel great about the forth-class rime/snow coated rock to finish nor would I want to do the rock section of the NE Couloir on D-tail in any rando boot but that's just me. Most would prefer some ankle flex for mixed climbing I think.
  11. from Rock and Ice newsletter Tyrus doesn't need more messages from distant grown-ups. He needs a loving adult to be right there with him. I've skimmed the threads over at supertopo and I keep wondering who he has right there. It's just weird for a 12-year-old kid to be engaging in a long distance relationship with hundreds of adults that he doesn't know. I pray that there is somebody close who is helping him. Bingo Lowell....wise words
  12. Based on their online sizing chart, 32" http://www.patagonia.com/web/us/product/product_focus.jsp?OPTION=PRODUCT_FOCUS_DISPLAY_HANDLER&catcode=MAIN_FA_US.CLOTHING_GEAR.MENS.PANTS.SOFT_SHELL&style_color=83425-155&ws=# I wear a 32" in street pants, and the length is good for me.
  13. Snatched these up at an end-of-season sale last year. I slimmed down quite a bit over the summer and now would like to get me a 32". They are black, brand new, and awesome softshell pants. I've had the Guide pants for 5 years and love them. Retail is $165. Asking $110 in Seattle, add shipping/paypal fees if out of area.
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