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Favourite cocktail


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7 & 7's....

This has got to be the finest drink of all time...

Can't go wrong with whiskey, and segrams gives a nice buzz, and then the 7-up, adds a nice flavor...

Must have the cube ice for the best taste...

Go with Jimmy B if you want it sweeter, or Mister JD for a mellower taste.


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Stuff and nonsense, climbers should be drinking the following highball:

Scotch and V8, on the rocks of course.

Served in a cracked glass with a delicate stem, and a chalk dusted rim.

Lightly swizzled with a nut tool

garnished with a lemon twist tied in a double bowline

Arrrrrrr bigdrink.gif


How about served up in a climbing shoe or a mountaineering boot, chilled or unchilled your choice? Or is that only after you lose a bet? wink.giftongue.gifbigdrink.gif

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My favorite cocktail? How about a fucking Molotov cocktail lobbed at my boss and his family? Every time there's a problem at work he hangs his underlings out to dry. The only person's back he's got is his own. WEAK. I swear my job is exactly like the commercials with the monkeys in the office. I'm serious, it's exactly like that. Right down to the ass kissing. I should have stayed in the restaurant business. At least in kitchens you can see the knife that's going to stab you. madgo_ron.gif


Oh and I like Bloody Marys. I've never had a drink with grapefruit in it. That might be good. bigdrink.gif

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My favorite cocktail is breaking open a thermometer and guzzling down the contents. Liberal wussies might have a problem with this, but my buddies in the House know whats good for you.


You gotta be kinding me, those idiots on the House Resources have got to be the mental midgets of Congress. Is there lead posioning in Modesto? pombo.jpg Do you trust America's Resources to this cowboy?

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