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Winter Dance - a guide book


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Greetings anxious ice fiends,


The mountains around Bozeman and the Beartooths recently received their third significant snow storm of the fall. It could be a good ice season ahead. Still about a month away from climbable ice but it's looking better than it has in years. We need some more melt-freeze for a few alpine things and a cold snap for the main ice climbs. Cross yer fingers.


I thought many folks might be interested in a new guide book available November 8, 2004. Any feedback or support is appreciated.


"Winter Dance. Select Ice Climbs in Southern Montana & Northern Wyoming" by Joe Josephson. It includes 300 routes in 320 pages with 380 photos. 6" x 9" - full color throughout. The book is dedicated to Alex Lowe with a Foreword by Mark Twight.


Areas covered are: Madison Range (Sphinx & Big Sky), Hyalite Canyon, Pine Creek, the Beartooths, South Fork of the Shoshone River (Cody) and Cooke City.


Perhaps the most anticipated aspect of the book is that the Cody area finally has detailed route and approach information in addition to several condition report web sites. Hyalite now has detail on many more options as well.


Thanks for the time and pray for an arctic front.




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lummox...you dumb ass. Winter Dance is a Hyalite Test piece put up by Lowe in the late 90's ('97?). The falls dominate the view upon entering the canyon. Maybe it is a "homo" name, but it's an amazing piece of ice.


where do you get the nerve to diss on a guy like Joe?


NICE Jojo...I assume it will be at least twice as nice as Ron's book...+ Cody! smile.gif


Right on.

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Greeting Ice Fiends,

A BIG thanks to everyone who has supported "Winter Dance" and my new company First Ascent Press. There are updates and corrections to the book posted on the forum site below. There are also a few reviews of the book as well. Nothing like the best ice year in 10 to coorespond to the book's publication. The same thing happened in the Canadian Rockies in 94/95. Maybe I should come out and do a guide for the Cascades wink.gif

See you in Ouray and at the Cody Roundup in February.

Cheers, JoJo


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