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  1. Rain or shine! Parking Lot Sale..Lots of stuff...OK, I need to clean out the garage to get the wifes car in for the winter. All kinds of outdoor gear and sporting goods for sale. Skis, Boots, Hockey Gear, Skates, Tents, Sleeping Bags, Climbing Gear both new and used, Ropes, Mountain Khakis pants, Mad Rock SHoes, Ice boots, crampons, screws, racks, biners, Outdoor Research Jackets, Packs, Fleece, Bivy Bags, Black Diamond, Ice Axes and Tools, Baseball, Kelty Tents, North Face Tents, all kinds of stuff. I have been in the outdoor industry for over 20 years and have accumulated way too much stuff.. All of the new stuff are photo samples and are barely used. All kinds of other stuff that we have either updated, or just have more than one of. Guidebooks, magazines, posters, stickers....over 20 years of accumulated stuff needs to go...no reasonable offers refused... Friday Oct 12th- 12-5 Saturday Oct 13th 8-4 Sunday Oct 14th 8-12 This is being held in the parking lot of 7406 East Sprague Ave, Spokane Valley WA. If you have any questions, feel free to drop me an email; southernmtguide@earthlink.net
  2. Matt, give me a call one of these days. I need to sell off everything I own so I can hire a hit man, just like you. Seriously, I want to sell the netire quiver, need help with it...I may have a yard sale down at the studio...over thirty years worth of shit, guidebooks, gear, artifacts,everything. Help me get rid of it, and I will let you bury her body up on my hill. 230-9785
  3. Hey EB, I think we should all stay away from Off widths!
  4. Anyone on the Eastside? I have an eight year old that is starting to catch the bug.
  5. 90%, really. Where did you find this out at?
  6. The Cable was almost touching down yesterday. Even Cowgirls get the Blues was in, a bit thin, but leadable. Should get better with the weather we have forecast for the next week or so.
  7. The Cable is coming in, about 15 feet off the deck. Thanks to whomever beefed up the anchor this weekend.. Even Cowgirls Get the Blues was led yesterday. Going to be a good week if it stays cold.
  8. Has anyone been out to Banks Lake, Copper Falls, Stevens over the past weekend? Any good news as to any ice in condition?
  9. Made a quick drive over to Banks this morning, should have stayed home. Nothing really in. Conditions are sparse to say the least. The best formed route was The Cable, and that was little more than thick verglass. The deathsickles above the Punchbowl have come in, but everything below them is crap. So, save yourself some time, and head somewhere else for the next couple weeks.
  10. Has anyone been out to Banks the past few days, and if so, anything in yet?
  11. I got my book today. All I have to say is go and buy it today! The book is fantastic. I have never seen a nicer guidebook. I wish all guides could be this well done. JoJo, keep up the great work!
  12. I was at Gart again yesterday, and they had a bunch more of these skis, as well as a super lighweight set of Dynastars for $ 90.00 bones. I have not skied those, but, man were they light....
  13. They are great skis. I bought a couple pairs of the at Gart Sports, for $189.00. The Spokane store still has a couple pairs.....
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