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  1. FS: Petzl Elios Helmet and Vizor

    O.k. How about $60.00?
  2. FS: Petzl Elios Helmet and Vizor

    This is NOT one of the older models with the rivet problems! This is a newer model that was purchased directly from Petzl about two months ago. I have a blue Elios, Size 1 (the smaller size) plus a Vizor (face shield). Neither of these have ever been used. In fact, they are still in the packaging. I'm asking $75.00 for the package, o.b.o. PM me if you are interested.
  3. Grivel Monster

    O.k. If the pick were replaceable how many of you would buy a pair?
  4. Grivel Monster

    The picks are forged.
  5. Grivel Monster

    The pick costs a lot more to produce than the shaft does. So, if we were going to make the pick replaceable and offer them separately, the cost of the pick would most likely be much more than half of the total price of the tool. The picks are pretty tough and there is a lot of metal in them. I think you will get your money's worth out of them.
  6. Grivel Monster

    Nope. The pick is fixed.
  7. 90-degree GTX EXP or 90-degree GTX ????

    Both have GTX. Both are insulated, but the EXP has more. Approximately the same warmth as say the La Sportiva Nepal Extreme. The EXP is a little higher in the cuff and is considerably stiffer in the midsole because of the carbon fiber shank. The GTX has a nylon midsole that is pretty stiff but flexes more than the midsole in the EXP. In my opinion, the EXP is a better ice/mountaineering boot, and the GTX is a better general mountaineering boot. The EXP accepts step-in crampons a bit better also. The best thing about the EXP, I think, is that it is orange (swtiching to red this Spring) and the GTX is blue. Brighter colors always make you look cooler in photos. Hope this helps.
  8. For Sale: Pair of Grivel Alp Wings. The one with the adze used only a couple of times. The one with the hammer has never been used. Both have Evolution Picks. $300.00 for the pair o.b.o. Grivel Air Tech New Matic Crampons. Never used. Includes Antibotts. $90.00 La Sportiva Trango Ice Boots. Used only about six times. Still in great condition. Size 44.5. $150.00. P.M. me if interested.
  9. Grivel Taa-K-oon Review -- Any Takers?

    Mike, You can get the Taa-K-Oons with either the Mixte or Cascade pick now. Good to hear that you like them.
  10. Hyalite

    I talked to one of the guys at Northern Lights a couple of days ago and he said it was still passable. Probably would be good to have 4WD and take it slow.
  11. leashless tools

  12. leashless tools

  13. Winter Dance - a guide book

    JoJo, Picked up the very first copy from Feathered Friends today! It looks awesome! Great job! See you in Bozeman! T-
  14. Mammut slings question

    I have no idea if it is safe to mark your slings that way. In fact, I don't think I've ever seen anyone mark their slings before. I would say don't do it.
  15. FS: Grivel Alp Wing & Light Wing

    Yeah, these stay in the line. They just get some minor cosmetic updates (new graphics & polished heads) plus the new ones this Fall get shipped with the new "Horn." It's a removable plastic pommel like the BD Viper Fang in case you want to climb leashless on these. The Horn is available by itself this Fall (around $17.95 each) so it can be added later. Otherwise, the tools being delivered this Fall are the same as these ones.