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  1. I've got one pair of brand new, never been used Scarpa Alphas, size EU9/US10, that I need to part with. I'll spare you all the details on the boots, as you can find them online, but will say that they are an outstanding low to mid elevation technical mountaineering boot. Asking $220 or best offer. E-mail ryanmintonATgmailDOTcom or call me (Ryan) at 406-599-4312 for more info. I'm in Bozeman, MT, so if local, I can deliver.
  2. Not sure why we didn't do the last pitch of the Connection...partner morale was a bit low at the time, so that may have played a hand. Jabberwocky was not the factor that turned me off to the last pitch, although it very well could have been- some of that rock is just downright slippery! I'll just have to do it next time...we didn't even scratch the surface on this trip! And Jordop- great quote! Hugo's quite the character...
  3. Trip Report: With summer work coming to a close three weeks prior to the start of school, it was decided that we would finally be able to make an extended trip to Squamish. We left Bozeman on Thursday morning, August 10th, and drove all day (with a few minor detours en route), arriving in Squamish late that night. Day 1: After finding a site at the Chief campground, we headed for the Apron; climbed the first pitch of St. Vitus Dance, only to discover we had not brought bigger gear for the second pitch. We rapped off some nearby bolt anchors and scrambled over to Calculus Crack, which delivered us to the top of the Apron. Very cool first impression of Squamish- I liked what I had seen thus far. Of special interest to me were the three memorial plaques on the broad rock ledge overlooking Howe Sound- very cool. Day 2: We headed to the Smoke Bluffs in hopes of finding some quality cragging, and were not disappointed. Super fun, especially getting used to the rock. Didn't feel like other granite I had climbed on. Favorites for the day were Flying Circus and Kangaroo Corner. Day 3: Headed up the backside of the Chief, got dead lost looking for the right side of the Solarium, but eventually found our way to the base of Sunblessed. The route was different than I had expected (especially the 2nd pitch), but still fun. Found the crack on the 2nd pitch to be much more sustained than expected. Great reality check! Day 4: Back to the Smoke Bluffs for some more cragging, this time at Penny Lane. Favorite of the day was Climb and Punishment. Day 5: Typical rest day...slept in, ate a big breakfast, slept more, read. Day 6: Up at 7 AM, ready to go by 8, and we were off to the Grand Wall. Not sure what to expect out of the route (neither of us had climbed something that big before), we bypassed Aprong Strings and started the climb from the top of Flake Ledge. From there, the route went suprisingly well, and thus, we had a blast. Most entertaining for me was the Split Pillar and the Sword- definitely the most fun I've had on rock in a long time. We topped out on Bellygood in late afternoon, and slowly traversed off towards the backside trail. Next stop was the brewpub, where we feasted on beer and burgers. Day 7: Somewhat exhausted from the Grand Wall, we decided to take it easy and go bouldering. Fun problems, although some scary landings. Day 8: Started our day by heading to the base of the Grand Wall and climbing the first pitch of the Peasant's Route (fun, yet slippery down low!) followed by the classic Exasperator. Super fun! From there, we headed to the Smoke Bluffs for some afternoon cragging, highlighted by Partners in Crime- very fun. Day 9: Once again, back to the Smoke Bluffs, where we climbed 3 of the 4 pitches comprising the "Smoke Bluff Connection" (Mosquito, Phlegmish Dance, Jabberwocky), then headed to Penny Lane where climbed the crag's namesake route. We then topped the day off with Crime of the Century- definitely one of my favorite pitches of the entire trip. Headed home on Sunday the 20th, and couldn't have been more satisfied with the trip. Those of you living in Washington and BC have it made- Squamish is the shit; I especially realize this now after returning to Montana and continuing with pointless endeavors on choss piles. Can't wait to get back out to Squamish, hopefully next time for a more extended stay.
  4. Looking to sell a pair of 179 cm K2 Seth Pistols, used but not abused. I've been skiing on them for a few seasons now, and the only noticeable wear and tear is on the sides of the topsheets where the edges have caused minor chipping. Still in great shape, and equipped with Salomon S914 bindings. The skis are completely tuned up and ready to go. $300 for the whole setup, and I'll throw in an old AvaLung as well! PM me or reply to this thread if interested!
  5. [TR] Hyalite Canyon- 2/27/2005

    Right on, the ice has been good for quite some time now. Definitely a pretty atypical season as far as access goes. It'll probably be good for at least a few weeks to come. Get it while you can!
  6. El Cap story

    Not a bad story; the Chouinard interview is great though.
  7. One day in Colorado

    Don't bother with Vail, Breck, Winter Park, or Keystone...I'd head to Copper or A-Basin.
  8. 70m Ropes

    I've got a 70m Iceline and it kicks ass. Weight isn't much of an issue, you can pack it fairly small, and it has been extremely good in the durability realm. I picked mine up for about 120, which was a pretty good deal on that particular line. I'd say go for it.
  9. Bozeman What is going on?

    The road up Hyalite is doing great right now. The snowpack is also stable (if existent?), so avy danger on the bigger climbs should not be a concern. As per in town activities, you can usually find something to keep you occupied- check out MacKenzie River Pizza for dinner, too...good stuff. If you're looking to ski, Bridger is doing alright. Nothign great to speak of, but there is good coverage on the popular slopes.
  10. Avy beacons

    The DTS Tracker is my beacon of choice- it's just so damn easy to use!
  11. Recommended Ski Descents

    Right on, thanks for the info. If the snow is looking decent I'll definitely be heading out that way come May. Mattp- that's what I'm looking for; a decent from a classick peak with some degree of technical difficulty. Thanks for the info on that. Eldorado looks enticing, as does the Sulphide Glacier on Shuksan.
  12. Looking to head out to the Cascades in early to mid May- what would you seasoned ski mountaineers recommend for a classic ski descent?
  13. Hyalite Ice (or lack off)

    Most of the routes may not truly be "in," but they are certainly climbable, with decent protection for the most part. Most of the routes higher up in the Genesis area are looking good- GII, Upper Greensleeves, Hangover. Last I saw, Responsible Family Men was looking huge. Also, the ice should really start to fill in nicely after this weekend's colder temps roll through.
  14. Michael- when will you be showing up? I'd like to head out and climb some ice up in the Madison range, and it looks as if though Hyalite may be up to par by then. Let me know if you want to climb...