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  1. Anyone have experience with these? My wife just scored a free pair. almost 1kg lighter than her steel M10s. We are headed to climb Rainier, but I am worried this won't be sufficient. Although we are just doing the DC route and not any steep ice. TIA for any info.
  2. I'm interested in shaving a bit of weight off my kit and am wondering if anyone has tried the Patagonia Hybrid sleeping bag. Ideally it would replace my current sleeping bag on everything summer alpine climbing related - a spot in my backpack in case of unplanned bivies, planned bivies, weeklong trips in the bugs. - is it actually warm? - is it durable - can I use it as my main sleeping bag or is it prone to ripping? - is it comfortable (does it breathe or will i be waking up in a pile of condensation/sweat?) Any other reviews / recommendations would be awesome. Thanks!
  3. Anywhere in Seattle that carry Mammut gear? https://www.mammut.com/cat/102020/mountaineering-shoes/ https://www.mammut.com/p/1020-12040-2154/nordwand-pro-hs-pants-men/
  4. Anyone tried to mate up a big "heat exchanger" type pot with an XGK or other white gas stove? How did it go? Did you save fuel? Considering this for trips with lots of water melting.
  5. I've owned a Cold Cold World Chernobyl for the better part of 20 years that is finally calling it a day. I'm looking for a replacement pack pretty much for winter day trips. Whilst the CCW pack was outstanding, I seek something with a little more back support, either a plastic sheet or AL stays. If Black Ice Podsacs were still available I would jump on the chance to buy one, but unfortunately they are long gone. I've drooled over Hyperlite ice packs but am hesitant because of the horrific cost as well as the durability, abrasion resistance of the dyneema (cuben fiber) material. Any thoughts, comments, first hand experiences would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  6. Thinking of trying columbia outdry jacket and pants or bibs. Mostly for cool to cold weather bushwhacking. ?? Looking for info or recomendations, thanks. I have a packa which is ok for useage on trail but not so good in climbing situations and dealing with gear on pack.
  7. Due to a recent sewage-related basement flood (blech!) all my nicely wall-hung cams, draws, sling etc have been exposed to bleach/strong cleaner fumes. Should I be concerned about their safety? The liquid didn't touch them (it was on the floor, gear is hung on the wall) it just smells awfully hospital-ly in there. Also, the floor may end up being painted from the related damage. Should the climbing gear be removed during that? (Assuming its not already ruined.) Thanks!
  8. buying a new GPS sports watch for BC skiing, mountaineering, long trail runs, sometimes biking -- standard dirtbag stuff. please weigh in with what you like and why -- thanks.
  9. I am looking to buy a pack raft I can use for floating some rivers in Alaska this coming spring/summer. Does anyone have any first hand experience with this and can pass on some info regarding which ones I should be looking at? Here's a little about me for context: I am 6' 9" tall (yes...I really am) and weigh 200 pounds. So I would obviously need a raft I can fit in. Also, I would not consider anything more than 4 pounds. Needs to be light, as we are carrying it in deep into the Alaskan Mountains. I am a climber, (duh) looking to expand my horizons and try mixing activities. In order to save some walking, and money, I am thinking of getting a packraft to float out after climbing. Any info regarding this is greatly appreciated.
  10. I have an older set of La Sportiva Nepal Extremes that need a resole. I've been holding out in part to find a deal on a set of lightly used Nepal EVOs (size 48 - rare!) instead of getting these well worn boot resoled. However, STP has a boot that is similar, at least in concept, to the Nepal for much cheaper: http://www.sierratradingpost.com/aku-montagnard-gore-tex-hiking-boots-waterproof-insulated-for-men~p~7364x/ I googled around and there doesn't appear to be much info on these, i.e. reviews, on the net. My gut is that I should just continue to hold out for or spend more for La Sportiva Nepal EVOs. However, if folks have good things to say about these boots I would consider them because they are a stellar deal $234 with free shipping. My main concern is the similarity (or not) to the Nepal series, and the quality. I already know that a Nepal (or Scarpa Mount Blanc) will work for my uses. (Or maybe I should get my Nepal Extremes resoled - I have new soles from Sportiva, but need to find a good cobbler to do it - any recs?) [img:center]http://s.stpost.com/eccstorefront/product_images/7364x/f_7364x_4.1.jpg[/img] [img:center]http://i.stpost.com/aku-montagnard-gore-tex-hiking-boots-waterproof-insulated-for-men-in-orange-black~p~7364x_01~460.2.jpg[/img]
  11. It has come time that I need to replace my beloved Micropuff. This paired with a nanopuff has been just a stellar combination for me. The hyperpuff looks like its being marketed as a replacement to their DAS parka, which I did not find very warm. Any thoughts, or other similar platforms out there I should consider?
  12. I recently bought a 100 meter spool of 6mm cord because it was on sale and I leave so much of it as rappel anchors. I have always considered 6mm to be too weak for quad anchor/cord-a-lette material, however, this manufacturer rates it at 9kn. For comparison, PMI 7mm is rated at 10.7 kn. What is the cc.com's brain trust consensus on this, is 9kn strong enough for use as anchor material? Also, 100 meters is more cord than I can use in the foreseeable future, so I am selling lengths of it at 0.34 cents a foot, what I paid. Great for rappel tat, prusik slings, tag lines (if you are into that kind of S&M) and perhaps even anchor material. If you want to buy some 6mm cord, still in plastic on the spool, email me at Daniel-p-smith@hotmail.com
  13. Considering sending in my (La Sportiva Nepal) boots to Dave Page for a third resole. This time they'll need a full rand / sole rebuild. The boots are almost 15 years old and while they see a fair amount of use... they don't see that much given I have plastics for the winter and lighter boots for the summer. How many times do you guys resole your boots before deciding it's time to buy a new pair?
  14. My MSR Whisperlite International stove appears to have clogged up a bit after use with (low quality) gasoline. It appears to be a partial clog somewhere in the pump assembly or the inlet fuel tube (which takes the fuel from the cylinder to the stove). I'm saying partial because the stove still works, but the supply tends to peter out after a while. At that point, I pump it again, and the gas starts coming out in a gush after several pumps. Has any one cleaned the pump or the inlet tube? It's easy to take apart and clean the stove itself, but I'm not so sure about the pump. And how does one clean the fuel tube? Or, would the clog be expected to disappear on its own with enough use of clean(er) fuel (white gas)? TIA for any suggestions!
  15. Anybody tried this Pack? Looking for something for hike-in crags, but can be dragged up the occasional chimney or slab. Looks like a great option but wondering about comfort and haul-ability.
  16. Anyone know of trekking poles designed for self arrest via pole In arm pit method? Works well if pole does not bend or break. Dan
  17. I started using neutrinos in 2001, and have kept buying them for consistency. And now I have a rack of indistinguishable biners anywhere from 2-16 years old, so some have seen a lot of miles and a few small falls here and there, normal wear and tear. I know there are rules of thumb about ropes and slings, but curious to know what other folks do about carabiners. I was thinking of just buying a big pile of new ones. Unnecessary? Wise? Thanks!
  18. What is everyone's favorite softshell jacket that worked our well for the West Buttress? I also posted this in the Alaska section too. Thanks.
  19. Has anyone put a petzl crampon with the cord tec system (thin cord connecting heel and toe instead of metal bar) through the wringer? I'm curious if you've had issues with the cord breaking from wear.
  20. After years of talking about it I've decided this is the year I finally put together my first AT setup...there has been far too many times where I get jealous of the skier flying past me down the mountain. I've been doing my research and right now my main question is ski width. Can someone make a width recommendation for a good all around ski here in the PNW? 90-105 mm is a range I see a lot...95ish mm seems popular. Other info: I'm 6' 175lb. Certainly not an expert skier, but I would put myself in the intermediate category. Ski length would be 180-185 cm. Thanks!
  21. Anyone else have the problem that their ski boots squeeze the hell out of their calf muscles? Regardless, looking for recs on an dynafit compatible boot that's super f'ing comfortable. I ski like shit so comfort is all I care about.
  22. My wife wants one for Christmas, and then she will stop borrowing mine all the time. I can't seem to find much out there right now though, am I using the internets wrong? I have an OR synthetic puffy with a light goretex shell that I got on clearance a few years ago but they don't seem to make it anymore. WildThings no longer makes their belay parka, neither does NW Alpine, technically those were water resistant though. Aside from dropping $500 on patagucci or arteryx are there any other options for a reasonable waterproof/highly water resistant and warm synthetic jacket? I'm not talking midlayer weight, there is an explosion of those. She needs something for belaying me ice climbing in our drippy weather and for throwing on at ski touring rest breaks. Both of those happen in very wet conditions around here sometimes.
  23. I have a larger down bag that has a waterproof but breathable fabric on the inside and it works pretty well drying out very wet clothing and not collapse the down. It is a sort of breathable vapor barrier. I can use this bag but is a little heavy and bulky to carry. Also it is not water proof from the outside in and must have a very good shelter(good tent) around it. It is too large with down mat to go into my event bivy sack. I also use a event bivy sack and down quilt. I would like to be able to dry out very wet clothing in this after hiking out in the rain and not collapse the down insulation in my sleeping quilt. The ways I am considering is a breathable vapor bag, something made from a gore tex like material, and use this inside the sleeping bag. To warm up and fan out the moisture from time to time inside the clothes I am wearing. This inside a very overrated down quilt for the expected temp. This would in effect protect the down quilt insulation but not leave you in a sweat box once your dried out. Another thought is to use a synthetic over quilt, over the down quilt. Ether alone or with the gore tex vapor inner sack. Can a synthetic over quilt work alone? If so, maybe this is the best option. What temp rating for the overquilt for colder rainy weather? Another thought is to get a 20 degree synthetic quilt to use alone in rainy weather, thinking of one with clamisheild insulation. To use alone or with the inner gore tex vapor sack. Thoughts? Thought of getting a buffalo pile sleeping bag but seems too heavy and bulky to be suitable. Would really like to try one out but a little expensive for experimentation and likely too bulky and heavy to carry. Very big and bulky as compared to down. I want a wet weather system that can handle drying out clothes when soaking wet. Ideally, set up shelter and lay down sleeping system. Shake out wet clothing and wring fleece and pile clothing etc, go into sleeping system wearing wet clothing, get warm and eventually dry out clothing in some hours. Sleeping system dry and ready to go next night, no worries. Maybe this is impossible without a pile sleeping bag? Any thoughts?
  24. Anybody know if the Edelweiss ropes have good handling? Move through devices easily, etc? What other brands get high marks in longevity and handling these days? Anybody used the new Black Diamond ropes? Thanks
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