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  1. for sale Rock pro: cams, nuts, carabiners, more

    I’d grab the oz and hotwires, will send you a message shortly.
  2. Well, I got an R1 hoody since my last post, but I STILL am looking for another Piton hybrid hoody or jacket! Anyone?
  3. for sale Trad gear

    I"ll take the C3s, thanks!
  4. for sale Bolt drill set

    I"ll grab it. Call/texting now. Thanks.
  5. Solo TR Setups?

    This is a great thread, thanks to all who contributed their many years and pitches of experience. Seems the consensus is two microtraxions attached through the belay loop. Has anyone have any updates or tweaks in the last 5 years?
  6. Still looking! I am also looking for another older Patagonia R1 hoody, I got rid of my last one and now regret it!
  7. for sale Feathered Friends Vireo Sleeping Bag

    Message sent, curious what length this is. Thanks!
  8. review Old Dyneema Sling Strength

    Well sure slings are "cheap" but if you replace 12 60cm and ~3 120cm runners it adds up! The 8mm contact slings always felt like floss, 10-12mm is still pretty trim (especially compared with nylon) and probably doesn't degrade as quickly as the 8mm. The 12mm also seem to be a bit cheaper as you can get some brands like Singing Rock or CAMP etc on sale.
  9. idea MYOG - Gear mod's and personal creations.

    Similar to MThorman's tether, I have these coil leashes for nut tools which were robbed from a set of radios. Many years ago I lost a nut tool into a talus field several hundred feet below and it convinced me to use a tether (and definitely have one on my loaner nut tool!). Its quite nice if you take a nut out at a difficult stance that you can just leave the nut on the draw and rope, drop the nut tool onto the tether and climb through to a better stance to rack them both. Although I now use the 'fancy' Wild Country nut tool with a broad base to hit with your palm on stubborn nuts, I still think the basic BD nut tool is a great one. I added some 1/4" black fuel line held on with electrical tape to make the bottom softer when banging on it with your palm and it works quite well. The nut tool doesn't work as well for opening bottles with that side after but you can always lever a cap off with the tip of the tool I also sewed some small (3mm?) accessory cord loops onto generic Well Lamont leather work gloves to make racking them easier between belays. I have been really impressed with how well these gloves for cold belays, long days, even ski touring for much less than the BD or Petzl gloves.
  10. for sale Dynafit TLT8 Carbonio size 29

    Keen, don't you wear a 31 boot? Or has Dynafit resumed making boots bigger than 30.5? I though Scarpa and Sportiva were the only game in town for Mondo 31+
  11. Still on the hunt, anyone holding?
  12. sold! Closed - Old AAC volumes

    message sent.
  13. for sale Scarpa Alien 1.0 size 29

    Can't use the boots but good to see you posting having noticed the blog hasn't been updated in a several years. Have met some of your contemporaries from climbing in the Selkirks. The blog had a big impact on how I view kit for my time in the hills climbing and ski touring (no surprise I'm touring on a Praxis Yeti or GPO with a lightweight Sportiva boot and a very simple ruck sack).
  14. I have an R1 hoody as well (size M), and a Cap 4 hoody (size L) and Cap 4 hoody one piece suit (also L). But the Piton Hoody works better and is more versatile for my uses, especially ski touring. Size wise I am the same build and wear a large in the Piton. The hood and high collar are really well designed. The industry has moved away from these types of pieces it seems towards "active insulation" but they aren't as durable and honestly are just trying to solve a problem I don't have. I am starting to not wear my Piton as much so I don't wear it out!