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  1. I thought the Thin Red Line on Liberty Bell was the "Astroman" of Washington?
  2. Hi gmar, I am interested and will send you a private message via the forum function.
  3. I wear 48 in basically all Sportiva mountain boots (Nepal, G2SM, older yellow Trangos) and I'm a 14 in every running shoe or US brands. However, I fit in the TX4 in 47.5 pretty well. A lot will depend on the shape of your toes, but I would try them before you decide they don't fit. For reference, the TX4 47.5 fits better than the Boulder X in 48 for me with more room! I also do OK in the older Trango Silver Bullets in 47.5 since that was the biggest size they ever made.
  4. Sent you a message re: lots of books.
  5. I got a used one recently but haven't set it up yet. I assumed it would be monotonous, but I'm OK with that. I need to modify my garage ceiling to make it fit. I'll try to update the thread after 10k feet of climbing. Eric Horst mentions it in his book "Climbing for Training" and he has one. Josh Wharton and his wife have and use one according to Training for the New Alpinism. Sasha Dijiulian I think has one too. I can probably claim to be the weakest climber in NA (the world?) to have their own treadwall.
  6. Great shoes. Consider USPS Flat Rate Envelope for around $8 if you need to ship.
  7. Still looking! I would also consider green or the bright blue, really any color!
  8. Scarpa makes the Maestrale and Atomic makes the Hawx in a 32 Mondo, which should equate to a euro 50. But if you truly need a 34 that is going to be tough.
  9. I’d grab the oz and hotwires, will send you a message shortly.
  10. Well, I got an R1 hoody since my last post, but I STILL am looking for another Piton hybrid hoody or jacket! Anyone?
  11. I"ll take the C3s, thanks!
  12. I"ll grab it. Call/texting now. Thanks.
  13. This is a great thread, thanks to all who contributed their many years and pitches of experience. Seems the consensus is two microtraxions attached through the belay loop. Has anyone have any updates or tweaks in the last 5 years?
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