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  1. Gear For Sale: Garmont Vetta Plus: Slightly Used Size: 46.5 $40.00 Charlet Moser Black Ice Crampons: $50.00 REI Ice Axe: ~65cm $40.00 All Items picked up in Phoenix or pay for shipping.
  2. question Petzl Leopard Crampons

    thanks. we will buy the anti-bail for them. If they perform well she will also use them on Gannett in August. Hopefully it's not too steep getting past the schrund.
  3. question Petzl Leopard Crampons

    Actually they are the step in ones...not that it probably matters too much.
  4. Anyone have experience with these? My wife just scored a free pair. almost 1kg lighter than her steel M10s. We are headed to climb Rainier, but I am worried this won't be sufficient. Although we are just doing the DC route and not any steep ice. TIA for any info.
  5. I am in the planning stages for a 2019 Denali ascent with a group. I own the Acrux, but have only used them ice climbing, a cold day on mt hood, and a warm day on Rainier. I was wondering if anyone has experience or knowledge if they will handle the cold temps of Denali? I sure would like to use these as opposed to my old plastic boots.
  6. I sent you a PM back in November that I would purchase the pack for the $50 asking price plus shipping. Now you are asking $70?
  7. Is the pack for sale? There isn't a price on MP.
  8. Paradise to Camp Muir

    We started at 9am and even then we were sweating like pigs. We made it to Muir in 5.5 hours climbing at a leisurely pace with ample breaks as one of our 4 was slow.
  9. Paradise to Camp Muir

    When you book a flight from out of town you roll the dice and cross your fingers. Unless the conditions are an absolute "no go", you give it a shot. Several people have told me a 3 day is much more enjoyable. The problem is, day 2 is looking like the better weather day and I would hate to pass on that window. We are keeping our options open and will have supplies to last 3 days (4 if absolutely necessary). BTW - due to schedules, we are braving the crowds and going this weekend. Should be a good battle of patience.
  10. Paradise to Camp Muir

    LOL We already have permits reserved so that is not an issue. We need to get fuel and it looks like the store opens at 7am, so we would be looking at about a 8am start to CM. But if the 3 hours is accurate then even a 9am start will get us there at noon. Plenty of time to melt snow, set up camp, and people watch.
  11. Paradise to Camp Muir

    What are "typical" times for reaching Camp Muir? I was thinking it would take about 5-6 hours at a moderate pace with ample breaks. Are there any issues with getting a late start (around 11:00am) or should we try and get started earlier? We get in late the night before, so I was thinking the extra sleep/rest was more important than an early start? Thoughts?
  12. FS: Ice Screws, Pickets

    PM for pickets.
  13. DC Route Questions

    Thanks for the responses. Confirmed my suspicions. New Questions: - Would skipping Muir and camping at Ingraham flats make for a slightly easier summit day? Or is it not worth carrying the heavier pack up higher? - No avi gear, but I assume still bring a team shovel for making camp/building wind blocks? Thanks again.