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  1. my car was broken into in a parkring garage in downtown Vancouver. rope (green), 3/4 of a full rack (mostly BD cams), two pair shoes (muiras and mythos (purple)), two harnesses (BD alpine, petzly rock), grey helmet (CAMP) -- all in a white 4500 cu in A5 haul bag (white). if you see offers on the street or interwebs, please help a brother out...
  2. looking for Seattle-based 40-something to long, free and moderate WA rock climbing this fall (WA pass, index, squamish (inshallah), alpine objectives). former mtn guide for many many years; now a desk jockey, but still move fast and light and safely on everything -- please be of same/similar skill set.
  3. buying a new GPS sports watch for BC skiing, mountaineering, long trail runs, sometimes biking -- standard dirtbag stuff. please weigh in with what you like and why -- thanks.
  4. Anyone have an ID on this person? http://www.seattletimes.com/seattle-news/crime/rock-climber-dies-in-fall-near-leavenworth/
  5. article suggesting they were most likely swept off by an avy in the night: http://www.outsideonline.com/outdoor-adventure/the-current/events-expeditions/Making-Sense-of-the-Mount-Rainier-Tragedy.html?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=facebookpost
  6. media reports say "Tents, clothing, and debris were located by helicopter searchers, over Carbon Glacier". i don't think searchers would have identified/observed 'tents' unless those tents were set-up before the fall to the carbon. that is, it's improbable the 6 were in the act of climbing, fallen, and had their tents come out of their packs to the point where they were identifiable from SAR flights. as such, wondering if this means clients were moving slow and they had an unplanned bivy around 12,800 and were avy'd off in the night (or hit buy big serac)...? any inside intel?
  7. 2 guides and 4 clients; Matt Hegeman from AAI is identified. http://blogs.seattletimes.com/today/2014/05/six-climbers-missing-on-mount-rainier/ A heavy day.
  8. can leave Seattle at 8p on 24th, then climb all day on sunday and monday (returning v late monday is OK). rock ice snow -- all OK, though forecast says east side rock climbing looking best for now. best partner for me is whomever has tons of experience and wants to do long and wild moderate, optimizing fun
  9. now open on saturday and/or sunday. i need a fix real bad; enable me, please
  10. now needing to do anything long and free, anywhere in the range, can meet late friday night at TH. with <48 hours to go, i am officially desperate and begging.
  11. proud proud line. kelsey knows how to under-rate and scare the living shit out of you, but you'll be back: she's just starting to pull up her skirt
  12. can one ski off the pass back to the car? lmk if you have any beta since the 4/28 post on here -- help save a brotha's knees...
  13. Used less than 5 times, this perfect-for-Rainier tent is up for sale. $300 firm. Set up right now for viewing. Great shape. One small rip in one of the pole sleeves (that I would cover with rip-stop, but want the buyer to note how little it is before doing so) -- otherwise perfect. Already set up with guy lines -- will pull them if you want. $300 cash -- first one to get it gets it. Product Description The North Face VE-25 Mountaineering tent is the alpine standard The North Face's most popular expedition tent. Tough, durable, sturdy and strong are attributes that describe your typical climber, add roomy, water-resistant and color-matched and you have North Face's most popular expedition tent, the VE-25. Often copied but never duplicated the North Face VE-25 Mountaineering tent was one of the first expedition tents designed with a spacious geodesic dome architecture. While the tent materials have improved over the 20 years since its introduction the North Face VE-25's keeps-you-dry design and durability have ensured its continued popularity. The North Face VE-25 Mountaineering tent features fully continuous pole sleeves for structural integrity, a multiple guy point design for additional stability and is capable of withstanding extreme weather making it ideal for expeditions and high base camps. A 17 sq. ft. vestibule keeps Old Man Winter howling outside and gives you room to stow boots and wet gear, while you and two buddies stay dry in the tent's 48 sq. ft. floor area. Add internally adjustable top vents with mesh screens (so spindrift melts at the fly sheet not on you and your gear), durable polyurethane windows, reflective guy line loops, glow-in-the-dark zipper pulls, a fly-only pitching option for summer and you've got a versatile 3 man tent designed to stand up to the worst the weather can throw at you. VE 25 Expedition Tent Specs: Capacity: 3 Standard Weight: 10 lbs 13 oz (4.92 kg) Total Weight: 12 lbs 1 oz (5.47 kg) Height: 48" (123 cm) Floor: 85" x 104" (215 cm x 265 cm) Area: 48 ft2 (4.5 m2) with Vestibule 65 ft2 (6 m2) Vestibule area: [Front] 10ft2 (.9m2) [Rear] 5ft2 (.5m2) Number of Poles: 5 Stuffed Size: 24" x 9" (61 cm x 23 cm) VE 25 Expedition Tent Features: Polyester ripstop fly sheet is UV resistant and low absorbent plus seam-taped and polyurethane-coated for waterproofness Nylon ripstop canopy is lightweight and breathable with soothing color and partial translucence for long-term user satisfaction Taped, seam-tensioned true bucket floor offers clean angles and usable space of a catenary cut without requiring seam sealing Easton 7075-E9 aluminum poles are the strongest, lightest alloy available for the ultimate in tent performance Continuous pole sleeves increase structural integrity and ease pitching 16 guy points, including four 3-point equalizing guy lines, pull to 8 stake points for unparalleled support in extreme conditions Reflective guy line loops, guy lines and glow-in-the-dark zipper pulls make it easy to find the tent or adjust it in the dark without knocking it over Durable polyurethane windows, cold-crack tested to -60°F, are located near vents to allow for fog-free wildlife/weather viewing Internally adjusted top vents with mesh screens assure spindrift melts onto fly sheet, and vent doors come together to form a top gear loft Cone vents in vestibules work with doors and other vents to provide cross-drafting and climate control choices Dual doors provide easy accessibility and venting options Color-coding of tent poles to pole sleeves/pole sleeve binding and canopy webbing to fly sheet webbing eases pitching and ensures correct set-up the first time Adjustable ground tensioners on vestibules assure taut tent pitches on uneven ground Fly-only pitching with fly sheet, poles and a matched TNF Footprint provides a summer weight-saving shelter option TNF Gear Loft #2 is compatible to add extra storage space Compression stuffsack to keep load small and tight
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