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  1. In good shape, primarily used for a few split board tours, but have not seen any use in a few years. Trying to consolidate and get ready for a move. Will have pics up shortly. PM info for direct pics. $325 via paypal, shipped. Thanks for looking!
  2. Any updates? Been a while since i have posted, but i tried scanning the site for an update. Wife really wants to get up to this area to climb. Also, would skis and skins be appropriate for the approach? Any other advice would be appreciated.
  3. It has come time that I need to replace my beloved Micropuff. This paired with a nanopuff has been just a stellar combination for me. The hyperpuff looks like its being marketed as a replacement to their DAS parka, which I did not find very warm. Any thoughts, or other similar platforms out there I should consider?
  4. I had to take some time away from the alpine for school and life. Getting back into it, and preparing for the winter season to come, and my old boots are a little snug now. Hopefully the pic links are working. La Sportiva Trango Extreme, 45,- Moderate use, lots of life left. $250 OBO http://imgur.com/a/Zy2JR La sportiva Spantiks- 45 shell and liner- Bought for splitboarding, used once- $400 OBO http://imgur.com/a/65k3T
  5. Spring cleaning time...shipping not included.i am in spokane, so if your on this side then we can meet up. Cilo gear 40B work sack, large, $80 Womens Osprey aura 65, womens small, light use- $150 OBO 2 3/4 therma rest pads, one has a small hole that was repaired with seam grip. $25 for the repaired one, $50 for the regular one. These can ship via flat rate boxes easy. Not gonna fight the photo uploader,so pm email or cell number and ill get you photos accordingly.
  6. I have a cilo 40b worksac, but I am not very impressed with it. i am of moderate build ( 5'11, 195#'s) and i find it rather uncomfortable to carry heavy loads. i have a hard time getting to the load to ride comfortably on my his, it always feel like it is trying to pull me back. The shoulder straps are a little narrow as well, and there is no improvement when i have the load straps cinched all the way down, or when using the internal compression strap.
  7. What are you guys using? I am hoping to in something that I can use for an over-nighter and day tripping. Whats your preferred carry method? I have never had a dedicated board pack before, so not sure what features are important, but I can see the value in having a separate compartmetn for avy gear (ease of access and your puffy stays dry!)
  8. If your ever in the spokane area, send me a PM. Lots of local cragging and my wife and I are always looking for company.
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