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  1. I was thinking of picking up the TX4 Mids as the reviews looked good, glad to see others here are using them too. I like the scarpa crux for cragging / multipitch with short approach/descent, but definitely not for glacier...
  2. Awesome, thanks for sharing!! So those camp spots are technically outside of the permit zone? Interesting.....
  3. Sensing a common theme! We also got lost coming off of the south twin in the valley, and then again in the woods. I think getting out of the woods took longer than the rest of the climb... haha
  4. I read in Rogers Pass Alpine that the Asulkan traverse was a fine outing on solid rock... at the end of the trip, I was left wondering what the authors definition of "solid rock" was, as I didn't really find much of that!! Guess that is the Rockies and close-to-Rockies for you?
  5. And the few that pop up are discontinued extremely quickly I'll check out Salewa - thanks! I think that sounds just fine, as I wouldn't climb more than 5.5 or 5.6 in them.
  6. @JasonG I aspire to climb a lot of what you have climbed, curious to see what you wear.
  7. One of the biggest problems I come across climbing in the Cascades is finding an appropriate shoe to climb in. For my first year of alpine climbing, I mostly used high top, goretex hiking boots. This worked well on soft snow and glaciers - kept my feet dry, and were for the most part crampon compatible. When it came to the rock climbing portion of climbs though, I found them to be less than stellar, underperforming my climbing approach shoes and climbing shoes. I did end up switching into climbing shoes and carrying the boots in my bag, but ultimately wanted something that climbed snow and rock well. Following that, I started climbing in boulder x approach shoes. The boulder x mids are goretex and high top, so work well for keeping my feet dry, climb extremely well on rock, can hike for miles in them, and worked reasonably well with strap-on crampons. But now they're discontinued. I have a pair of mountaineering boots, but they don't walk very well, and I'm hesitant to wear them on a 20km+ hike so that they can perform well in snow / moderately on rock. So what are you all using for your alpine shoes? We live in such a limited market area of the world... need something that hikes well, is waterproof and mid/high topped, strap-on crampon compatible, and climbs well. Why La Sportiva discontinued the boulder x mid is beyond me, but any awesome replacements?
  8. Awesome pics, we were on the Asulkan traverse the week after, and didn't see a single soul until we hit the Abbott Hut. Rogers Pass is definitely a well kept secret that everyone knows about but overlooks! I guess when you're that close to the Rockies or the Bugs, you can't be bothered to stop? How were conditions on the Sir Donald traverse? We took a look over and it seemed like the snow patch was entirely melted out - did you use crampons for that one? Any snow left on Tupper?
  9. This is so rad, well done!!!! Definitely giving me some ideas for a (shorter) linkup... LOL...
  10. I'm interested in shaving a bit of weight off my kit and am wondering if anyone has tried the Patagonia Hybrid sleeping bag. Ideally it would replace my current sleeping bag on everything summer alpine climbing related - a spot in my backpack in case of unplanned bivies, planned bivies, weeklong trips in the bugs. - is it actually warm? - is it durable - can I use it as my main sleeping bag or is it prone to ripping? - is it comfortable (does it breathe or will i be waking up in a pile of condensation/sweat?) Any other reviews / recommendations would be awesome. Thanks!
  11. I've done some bouldering there in Jul/Aug and it can definitely be hot, but I've been able to send comfortably - as Hans mentioned try going up Icicle Creek, and there are tons of shady, forested areas.
  12. Glad everyone in the situation ended up ok, Chilliwack SAR is awesome!!
  13. can i come with you then? I'll carry your food if I get a spot in the tent
  14. Thanks! We ended up going crampon-less and I definitely regretted it. Great route though! Made me definitely consider lugging the bigger pieces up and trying Backbone too...
  15. Woo, thanks for the TR! I'm headed to the area this weekend and couldn't find too much info on DT. Sounds like an awesome (epic) trip! So based on your picturse it looks like crampons are something i'll definitely want to bring... how about shoes? Do you think the snow is shallow/hard enough for approach shoes or are boots better?
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