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  1. Does anyone have pics or see the north ridge of Stuart recently? I'm curious if it's melted out enough to climb this weekend.
  2. [TR] Forbidden - West Ridge 6/17/2017

    Nice work! My wife and I did Forbidden West Ridge in a day last year, big day! Did you get any photos of the Torment Forbidden Traverse?
  3. Has anyone put a petzl crampon with the cord tec system (thin cord connecting heel and toe instead of metal bar) through the wringer? I'm curious if you've had issues with the cord breaking from wear.
  4. Two pairs of used ice tools, cheap

    Hey Doug, do you still have either of these pairs of tools available?
  5. Hello, I'm selling a Black Diamond Speed 55 pack. I've only used it a few times and I'm selling it because I realized that I actually need the Speed 40. Craiglist Ad PM me or email me through craigslist if you're interested.