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  1. I concur! Did it in 1987 on tele skis. I wonder how many people on snowboards do it! Anyone want beta, I'm happy to provide. btw, we did it in 7 with a rest/snow day. 9-11 days will allow you to hang in the cool huts and day tour out of them.
  2. I didn't sprain it or anything. It seems I may have tightened the laces a tad too tight playing hockey a few weeks ago and bruised the front. There is general swelling. Did I burst a blood vessle? The minor pain is right a the bend in the front? I play once a week and don't want it to become something that never goes away. Any suggestions to make swelling go away?
  3. Is there a rock gym in 11worth? Please don't shoot me for asking!
  4. If they have roller skis that you can skate on, then I agree. I don't know what bubblebutt is trying to acomplish, train for cross country skiing or just get a good workout. Where I live there are lots of hills, so I find blades more versatile. Roller skis don't simulate cc skiing any better than roller blades simulate ice skating. The friction coefficient difference between rubber and pavement and steel (& petex) and snow/ice changes everything. The great thing about both is the fact you are using your upper body to get a full body workout. I think blades are more versatile in that if you want to not use your poles for awhile, it's easier to keep going, especially uphill. Safer downhill too.
  5. Personally, I think you'd get a better general workout if you just used rollerblades with poles. I'm pretty sure you are limited to the trad style of cross country skiing with the roller skis. Blades will simulate skate skiing more. Probably cheaper too.
  6. I like this one: http://www.intellicast.com/Local/USLocalStd.asp?loc=ksea&seg=LocalWeather&prodgrp=Forecasts&product=Forecast&prodnav=none&pid=none it shows radar, sattelite, etc too.
  7. I think they are attempting to do a documentary on the "Muir on Saturday" thread. Apparantly there is some confusion as to whether THC is a sport enhancing drug.
  8. I am very sad to hear of Rodchester passing. I also never met him, but he added valuable information and advice in a respectable way on this site. I therefore considered him a "friend". I do know Erik Newman if it's the same one who has been to rope up and I climbed with last year on Dreamer. In the report it says Frank turned around because he questioned the ability of his partners to follow. As far as Erik goes, this makes no sense. The Erik I know climbs 5.11. What really makes me stop and think is how accidents can happen to experienced climbers who don't deserve them. I don't think he was pushing any limits recklessly and he probably considered his choices of routes with family in mind. He was doing what most of us do and that is what hits hard. I just can't imagine my son having to grow up without me! It makes me question my own climbing. My sincere condolences to family, friends and partners. Peace, DPP
  9. Never seen, but I want on my car: "If I passed you on the right, you're an asshole!"
  10. So my ww boat is ooooooold school, much too long by today's standards, but still not a bad surfer. I actually felt the bow hit the sand once and ended up going straight up and over rodeo style. It was fun! I really enjoyed the modern boat the guys from Montana let me use at Indian Beach. It was actually designed for surfing in ocean waves.
  11. Yeah, there's always some idiots at the beach, eh? Worse thing about kayaking is being a class II paddler in class 3/4 water!
  12. I use a black boat with white spots. As far as I know, sharks don't bother Orca whales! Awesome surfing and I definitely enjoyed my first visit to the O coast. Surfed 3 days: Oceanside, Oswald West and Indian Beach. Note: for begining ww kayakers, surfing is a great, safe, fun way to learn/practice combat rolls. If you don't make it, you just wash up on the beach vs getting screwed up in some log jam or floating down gnarly river!
  13. You're probably thinking of Bonanza. Very few climb it without taking the boat. Holden Village was evacuated last week or two ago. Don't know if it's open again. I would try to persuade you to do Goode and Logan from Hwy 20. Not much further to hike now, timing works much better, way cheaper, nice scenic trail. Ross Lake to Big Beaver is your access to Luna and Fury; Challenger if you want. Some others you CAN get to from Canada if you want to drive around. So far I have not heard back from anyone about climbing Jack from Ross Lake. No trail to get up to the glacier I have heard about. Someone prove me wrong! Desolation TH is 13.5 miles by water from lake pickup at dock. Looks like you can get to Hozomeen TH from Canada or by boat or by hiking east side of lake but it's pretty far up there. I'm currently scoping sea kayak/climbing trips. Redoubt, Mox and Spickard are up there in the boonies too.
  14. You know some years not too long ago, you could drive a car right to the Olympic Hotsprings and rent a cabin. Now you hike abandoned road bed for 3-4 miles. A few years ago there was a wash out on the section between lake Mills and the current trail head and so you had to start way down there at the lake. This meant Mt. Bikes were a good choice. The point is, things change and people get used to it. Just think of the further change coming soon to the Elwah Valley. They will continue to argue for the next 25 years, but someday it will just be what it is after they blow the dams! There are a number of trails in the Olympics that are so gradual that Mountain Bikes would work. Yet they are not allowed even though stock still is. I will argue anyday that stock does far more damage to trails than mountain bikes. The reason stock is allowed is because it always has been and you won't change it. The reason Bikes are not allowed is because they spook horses and trial hikers and go faster. That is a weak argument in my mind, but it is what it is. The National Park should look at the Dossiwallips as an opportunity to make a really nice mountain bike trail. They should just put the money into relocating their ranger station down near the washout. Then they should build a nice PATH or bridge (not for cars) to get past the washout and allow Mountain bikes up to the current ranger station. It is pretty mellow for the most part with a few "challenges" near the end. The RVers can have a nice new campground in the beautiful forest and maybe the existing campgrounds can be kept open for bikers and hikers to be able to camp with a short ride/hike AWAY from RVers. This would open it up to those people who are somwhere between serious hikers/climbers and the lazy ass RVers. Not all hikers/bikers need to get to Marmot pass to enjoy themselves. Keep in mind this is one end of the Enchantment Valley traverse of the range. 4-5 miles won't kill those users. Oh, not to be a stickler Matt, but I was the one who mentioned the silver lining! I still see it that way. Mother Nature changed it and we need to accept it and rethink it's use. And to think for a moment they wanted to rebuild the old man in the mountain in New Hampshire when it fell down!
  15. Alex, I'm heading to Oregon coast (Rockaway)just south of Cannon too this weekend. I don't surf, so I'll bring my whitewater kayak which is more fun for me. If you want to hookup, 206-714-4300 cell!
  16. I'm working on being able to make this date. Be assured I will do everything I can to make it possible! Everyone should bring all kids gear they have. We can swap stuff that they have outgrown!
  17. Does anyone have any beta on climbing Jack from Ross Lake? I was thinking of sea kayaking in and then going up the west side on the Nohokomeen Glacier. Looks like a major NC schwak!!!
  18. Not climbing, but... Pysht (town on Oly Penninsula) BTW, how the hell do you get "Farve" out of Brett Favre. sorry for thread drift....
  19. Has anyone climbed Jack from Ross Lake? I've been thinking of sea kayaking up and going from there.
  20. When I did NB of Fury, we got early water taxi (8:00am) and we made it to Access Creek basin headwaters by about 6, but also we did not nail access creek very well as it was my first time. It was only about 3-4 hours to Luna Col from there. I think if your plan is to make those kind of times you will be dissapointed and very tired. It's one thing to have a big day, but to link 3 or 4 is not wise in my opinion. I was glad for the easy day before climb day on Fury which by the way is not close to being over on the summit! We did go all the way out from Luna col to the car on the 4th day, but we barely made it up the trail from Ross Lake. Our legs got wicked stiff during the boat ride. We practically needed wheel chairs to get out of Good Food! It's an amazing area and you can enjoy yourself if you push hard, but not rediculously hard. What's an extra day or two?
  21. Looks like LARRY THE TOOL can have a Winter job too!
  22. I vote for 11 worth also. More likely to get a better turn out. Shall we reserve a campground again? Is there one a bit closer than chatttttttttter Creek?
  23. On one un-named pinnacle, Wayne dropped an extra large GU pack which I caught and proceeded to help myself to a bit. Het Wayne, I thought we were gonna call that one Gu Pinnacle!
  24. To set this straight....I wore Garmont light hikers "Verro" (or something like that) on Goode. The label said "these boots will take you further than yout think". They were right because I definitely pushed it using these. I should have used better boot sealer first. The Garmont Towers I used "out of the box" on Fury and I did get blisters over 4 days. They are NOT for wide feet. I'm still experimenting with footbeds with those boots. If they fit, these are excellent Cascade boots. They hike, rock climb, smear and take crampons well. Wayne and Colin both use them if that means anything.
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