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  1. Skagit Valley BC

    Log onto a website called turns-all-year.com this is the WA backcountry skiers equivalent of this website and has lots of info regarding tours. Your best bet is the backcountry at Mt.Baker.
  2. Backcountry policy

    Lets look at backcountry sking like boating. When my friends talk about perople putting themselves at risk to rescue climbers and skiers I always remind them that far more money is spent rescuing recreational boaters and do they think they should have to pay for a rescue at sea? Likewise boaters have some mandated laws regarding lift jackets and safety gear, so you can't have it both ways. I think if you are going to use a ski-area gate it is acceptable to require becacons, shovels and partners.
  3. SKi Tuning

    I'm thinking of trying to tune my own skis, i.e. repair the bases, tune the edges and wax them, not because I don't want to pay for proffesional tuning but I think it would be a neat thing to learn how to do. Anbody out there got experience on what you need to buy and any books that explain how to do it?
  4. New G3 skis

    I just bought a pair of G# reverends with AT bindings. Don't know if I am a good enough skier to give any meaningful feedback but I have skied them at Baker both inbounds and BC. They are great as expected in the deep and where suprisingly good on the hardpack for a fattie. I think they rock and am pleased with my purchase.
  5. What's in Your Quiver?

    Atomic Tour Light with AT binding- Low angle touring Rossingol Bandit B2's with Freerides- good all-mountain BC G3 Reverends with Freerides( new and I like them !) BC with powder
  6. Scotland

    Hi, I grew up in Scotland and started climbing there and have experience of routes on Ben Nevis having climbed some of the classics, although it has been quite some time since I last climbed there. If you want to call me on my cell at ( 206)730-2432 I would be happy to give you what knowledge I have.
  7. Need suggestion

    Went to Miur yesterday and it was fun but I'm so bored with it. Need suggestion for getting some turns on Sunday 11/07. Anybody know if there is anything worth doing ski-wise?
  8. Support group needed

    Hello my name is bubblebutt and I am addicted to high priced tehnical clothing and gear. They say admitting you have a problem is the the first step to dealing with your addiction. I have just spent over $300 on new gear and clothing that I can ill afford. I am married with children and I know I should be saving more for college and retirement butI can't help myself. They keep producing new gear and the problem is some of the stuff really is better and lighter and safer so it's not just cosmetic. Try explaining to your wife why you need a "quiver" of different skis for different conditions or both leashless and leashed ice tools. She now sarcastically wishes me good morning by saying " and how's quiver boy to-day?". My climbing and skiing buddy is just as bad. He's new to the sport but can quote specifications from the Black Diamond cataloge by memory. We where in a store last night when he was quoting specs on climbing skins and after we had finished we looked at each other and realized we were sick! I have the Acteryx catalog on my bedside table, he has the Black Diamond and Petz catalogs on his. We need to form a support group or something that say meets at Muir the third Saturday of each month so we can start the healing. Help me.................. Anybody else got this affliction?
  9. Ski the Haute Route in April

    Two others and I have booked Cosley& Houston guides for Haute Route trip April 20th. Decided we were not experienced enough to go alone and Mark and Kathy seem to really know this tour. Good luck on your trip, see you there. Cosley and Houston website is a goldmine for information on this trip.
  10. Roller Skis for Training

    Are you interested in selling yours? Also are they compatible with NNN-BC Boots?
  11. Roller Skis for Training

    Anybody had any experience with " roller skis", (my name for them). They are like short skis with wheels on them that you can use for training on roads etc. Where can you buy them? Are they any good??
  12. So....how did you spend your 3 day weekend

    Went sking at Mt. Baker. Got to 8300 ft on C-D. About 1000' of hero snow, rest "variable". Spent first night in tent in rain with "fast & light" sleeping bag. Now renamed as "fast & light and frigging freezing bag"
  13. Planning trip with AT gear for coming weekend 3/27. Anybody been recently and have update on conditions. ? First time to St Helens, mixture of intermediate and beginner AT dudes? Grateful fo any advise you can give. Have read thread on snowmobilers/upper park/lower park etc. Thanks.
  14. Will be spending some time in Juneau in April and May for work and I am trying to find some info on climbing/ Ski-mountaineering on the Junea Ice Cap, Mendenhall Towers Area. Anybody have some info on some trips up there.
  15. Cushman/McCleary Cliffs

    Wow! There's actually some cragging near Lake Cushman. Seriously , where is it , how do I get to it etc.? New to area, live on peninsula and getting into Olympics but didn't know there was so easy access rock climbing. Sick of driving East for cragging