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  1. 32 or 38? you decide

    Did you want to tell us where you are speaking of? Or are you just chestbeating?
  2. WTB: Russian Etriers ("Aid-triers")

    I'm not totally sure which ones that you are looking for, but check out the ones at www.barrabes.com I haven't bought anything from these guys in a couple of years, but when I did, it was a good experience.
  3. foot orthotics survey

    I too have had custom othotics from Stanley Newell in Northgate for many years, and have difficulty if I go without my orthotics for too long. My feet may be a little more extreme than most (totally flat-footed with ZERO arch when standing, and a leg-difference), but I have tried Superfeet and had a shoe store custom build the foam-cork-plastic ones, and they have not worked well. Newell really seems to know his stuff, and like Catbirdseat said, he will customize and adjust them to your feet as needed. The carbon fiber orthdics have lasted much longer than any of the rest - the plastic ones will break with hard usage. My (non-qualified) recommendation for anyone with minor issues would be to start with the Superfeet or soft orthotics to see if it helps. If more is needed, spend the dough and go see a good podiatrist.
  4. Rainier Weather

    Thanks for the input. We'll give it a go.
  5. Dear Car Talk...

    This does deserve it's own geeky forum. Although the pilot bearing is always spinning when the engine is running, it is not alway operating or engaged. When the clutch is engaged, the shaft (connected to the inner bearing) is solidly attached and turning the same speed as the engine (outer part of the bearing). Exactly the same. The inner and the outer bearing are turning together and the bearing is not operating, and definitely not loaded to where it would make noise. No pilot bearing noise when the foot is off the pedal. Except maybe in a rare circumstance when the bearing is totally falling into little pieces... then you would know you've got a problem.
  6. Rainier Weather

    I have only gone up high on the mountain on what has ended up as bluebird days. We were thinking about heading up tomorrow for the Ingraham Direct, but are looking at a forecast of Mostly cloudy with chance of snow showers. I'm not too worried about a bit of weather as we are all prepared for it, but I don't want to just go sit in a tent for 2 days either. Any input on the upper mountain conditions in similar weather? Navigable? White-out? I know it's a bit vague and conditions change, blah, blah... just looking for some experienced suggestions, not exact fortune-telling. Thanks.
  7. Dear Car Talk...

    Very well could have messed up an installation, or it even could just be a defective new part. Pilot bearings area also only active when the clutch is depressed. When they go bad they make noise on engagement and disengagement (when you push and release the pedal). Also, it's really rare that a Toyota pilot bearing goes bad. Could happen, but it just doesn't very often. Definitely not a synchro problem. If it is vehicle speed related, you've pretty much eliminated the clutch as the source. Does it make this noise when you are in neutral or first and letting out the clutch? That could be pilot bearing. If it has to be at higher specific speeds, it really seems like a wheel/tire issue of some type. Rotate the tires, if that doesn't work find a new mechanic to diagnose it.
  8. Dear Car Talk...

    Agreed. Probably just a loose shield of some type. It could also be made worse by weak or bad motor mounts.
  9. Dear Car Talk...

    jordop, it's not a clutch release bearing. That bearing is only activated/operating when your foot is depressing the clutch, not when you are driving in gear. It also would only be related to engine speed (RPM) not vehicle speed. Impossible to tell without hearing it, but I'd lay my bet on a wheel bearing or, believe it or not, uneven tire wear in your front tires. Try one thing before you take it back to a mechanic and rotate your tires front to back. It may make a difference. I've twice been fooled on 2 seperate trucks(both 4wd) of mine by a VERY metallic noise that actually ended up being a tire wear problem that was very difficult to see visually. Good luck.
  10. Bargain Islay malt

    I assume the bargain Bowmore isn't in WA state?
  11. Misconceptions About the Natural World

    It's a catch 22 CBS, you are doing exactly what you say the Creationists are doing wrong. Throwing out the "creationist theory" because you can't (read: don't have the ability at this point) test it out is the same as a throwing out all of the theory of evolution because it can't be scientifically reproduced. As you said, "a cop-out". Also, you may want to understand the english definitions of the word theory. Creationist theory is just that.
  12. Misconceptions About the Natural World

    it's just a quote, bro... you seem to be the one with the broad generalizations. If you think that "all" creationists are "goobers"(?), that believe the same thing, and it can be summarily dismissed, then you are disagreeing with some of the most respected intellects in history and I can't help you. Nor am I looking to.
  13. Misconceptions About the Natural World

    "I want to know how God created this world. I am not interested in this or that phenomenon. I want to know His thoughts, the rest are details." - Albert Einstein Goober?
  14. jeep transmission specialist

    Mike's Transmission in Issaquah. The best.
  15. Recommendations for Sports Doc?

    Thanks. But doubt it will help. Official ruling this afternoon is a stress fracture.