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  1. first, go to the Fred Meyers for your drink. I recommend Bridgeport Brewing's IPA. Then go to Miners "burger joint" in Union Gap and order the "Big Miner Duoble with a large fries. I'm sure you will enjoy both............... please send your response to "who's your daddy" . ogre
  2. P.S. seeing my wife "suck it up" and slog up to summit Adams was somewhat emotional for me. I was so damned proud of her!
  3. Just about getting my ass blown off the summit of Rainier. That was kinda cool.
  4. So how does it burn at high altitude?
  5. I hope you still have the sale on for the following week as well as I plan to be atop Rainier this weekend. Will inquire later.
  6. Ditto to all the above and in regards to water drink lots the day before and take plenty with you.I usually like to tank up on gatorade an hour or so before any climb and something like Muir 2 liters or so usually does the trick. If you think you'll need more take a filter/purifier or some iodine tablets to use it off the mountain. Usually,though, there is generally someone at Muir who is looking to give their extra away. Please don't forget to take sunscreen,sunglasses, and something to keep the heat off your head. It's certainly is a safe climb provided the weather is going to stay nice (it usually is that time of year)and as long as you can stay protected from too much sun. Enjoy!
  7. First of all, thanks for the heads up and/or info on the Emmons for those who cared to. And thanks RM for covering my back. Dear Seymore, I am ,I suppose, new to the pastime of climbing(3 years running),However I have summitted all of the Washington volcanoes. I'm sure you are aware,though, with all your knowledge and wisdom that some routes on some mountains require more,or less, gear than others. I am sure too ,with your vast experience, that you are aware that ounces = pounds at higher altitudes. So you must have come to know that inquiries about necessary gear on various routes is commonplace in the climbing realm. Try, for instance, the Easton G. route on Baker in August. Leave the helmet and poles at camp but you sure as hell better be hanging on to your axe for dear life and take a pet elephant as an anchor to be roped to. Of course most routes on Rainier reqire a helmet, and then their is something like the South route up Adams (which is where i'm taking my wife this weekend) which doesn't require anything but a pair of boots,windbreaker, a ham sammich, and an axe for the glissade down. So the nature of my inquiry was a matter of how much weight I really needed to lug around therefore I'm truly sorry for alarming your types with my pathetic and unworthy inquiry. I will notify my shrink of my wrongdoing. Should you ever have any children I have a kind word of advice for you. Don't practice beating your chest in front of them when they ask you for a bit of guidance as you will surely find that in time they will leave you out entirely as one whom they can turn to for direction. Thanks for your time ,though. Ogre
  8. Going to do Rainier in about 3 weeks and was considering via the Emmons Glacier. Had some inquiries so any info would be appreciated. Where is the best take-off spot, Sunrise or White River. Also is a helmet a needed item on the route. Are poles used on any part of the route or is it the axe all the way? That or any other info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  9. Very encouraging happy ending and totally cool pictures! Looks like a pretty straight forward route. Just imagine all those others that could have fallen in. Especially so close to the bivy area!Strangely enough to say at least it happened to someone who was prepared for it. Oh, by the way, did you at least carve your name on the walls inside the crevasse? You know , for bragging rights and all.
  10. ogre

    Summit Food

    Try some instant Oatmeal,jerky,soups,hard boiled eggs,pre-cooked shrimp from home. Try instant co-coa to wash it down. If none of that type stuff works call Dominoes and promise them a handsome tip for delivery
  11. Great, Looks like I'm covered for rope then.I wasn't looking forward to the extra cost of another rope. At least not right now. Eventually I will as I would definitely feel safer with a 9.2 or better. Guess I'll be extra focused on my axe during the climb. Good advise on the the extra wraps as I do employ that method also on the smaller diameter rope. Thanks for the feedback!
  12. There isn't any crevasse danger on the south spur route just several snowfields to navigate. If you plan on overnighting on the mountain all that is needed is a tarp to lay your sleeping bag on.(Provided the weather is going to stay nice.) Take something windproof for the top and some other insulation and you'll be fine. For the glissade trip down I recommend an old tough pair of rainpants and an ice axe to control your speed. There are places where one could easily lose control of their speed w/o some sort of braking device. Other than that the south side is basically just like a Muir-like slog.......... x2. Have fun! We will be down there in a couple of weeks.
  13. My partner and I are doing Rainier in August (D.C. route) and was wondering what diameter and length of rope we should use. I have an 8.8mm 30m rope we used for Baker but is that really enough. Of course, we don't plan on falling but should that happen what would you recommend in regards to rope dia. and length. Thanks , Ogre
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