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  1. Used but in good condition. My feet must have gotten bigger as these are just a smidge too small for me now. I have the plastic things you insert in the tongue to make them stiffer. The black thing you slide the stiffener under on one tongue is torn but still functional. Mens 10.5 $50 plus shipping.
  2. RIP Don Younger

    One of my favorite pubs. He will be missed.
  3. black history month

    Fight the power
  4. Looking for Oregon climbing friends

    Wow--reviving an old thread? The original post was over ten years ago.
  5. What's Good For G.E....

    Skilling may be looking for a job soon
  6. My experience is vastly different. So much easier for me, and faster, to skin up rather than carrying my skis and boots. YMMV

    Different Rob. My name is Rob also and my birthday is in fact, today. Thanks for the positive thoughts.

    Stress fracture on my left hip from running the marathon (I finished the run not knowing why my leg hurt so farkin bad) then hit a patch of ice cycling and went down breaking my clavicle. Yes, send her over with cookies please. PM me for the address.

    I'm an independent and dont necessarily align myself with any party dogma. However, if thats the dark side then make mine a double. Nursing these broken bones, I feel like I am clogging the damn drain right now. Better living through chemistry.
  10. homemade rocketbox - car top carrier

    I have a rocketbox that I bought off someone here and I love it. Its reasonably aerodynamic, holds a LOT of gear and best of all, keeps that gear out of site. Some may argue that its not terribly secure but in the ten or so years that I have had this box its never been broken into, never damaged and still works just as well as the day I got it. I almost never keep my gear in my car, its always in the box. I will say that if its completely empty it rattles like a sonofabitch so I always keep something in it.
  11. Congrats Mr. Frieh!!

    Nice to see you guys getting some props. Good luck on the objective! Which windshirt are you taking?
  12. Black Spider info?

    Paging Wayne Wallace to the white courtesy phone
  13. What? you didn't get the memo?

    "Satisfaction Guaranteed or Twice Your Garbage Back" Actually written on the side of the truck my garbage carrier uses.
  14. Great pics! I highly recommend spending some time on the lifts and invest in at least one lesson. I tried teaching myself to ski and not only did it suck but you are more prone to injure yourself--DAMHIK. Keep up the nice work!
  15. What Kind of Handgun Should I Get?

    dont you two live together?
  16. smith theif

    All of this keyboard commando bullshit and no one welcomes back Dr. Flash Amazing? Baby Jesus Wept.
  17. Bike Helmets?

    Autoxfil is partially correct. Do a search of the site for more information. There are a few different types of helmets that are specific to both climbing and cycling. Some are hard shells with minimal styrofoam or padding and others are mostly styrofoam or padding with a thin shell. Bike helmets, in general, are made for a single, large impact and then should either be retired or HAVE to be retired because they are in pieces. Climbing helmets, again in general, are made for several smaller impacts and dont need to be retired until the outer shell is broken. I dont know about you, but my head is how I earn a living so I dont fuck around with being cheap with helmets.
  18. Mt. Hood Resort Skiing

    anthony lakes is a very cool place, small with only one lift but lots of terrain if you dont mind earning some turns. Its a long drive from seattle though. 49 degrees north? Me? I'd head to Nelson. p.s. My experience of Hood mirrors Iain's. Ever since a patroller went apoplectic on me when I tried skining outbounds at Meadows, I have avoided giving them any of my money. Skibowl is closer to me anyway.
  19. What Kind of Handgun Should I Get?

    Some shoot revolvers well, others autos. Rent both and see which feels better. I've got an old Llama .380 I might get rid of. Like a miniature 1911. Too small for my hand.
  20. smith theif

    Love the nanny-goat facial hair. Whats up with that belay set-up?
  21. One Flew Over the CooKoo's Nest

    I want my 47 seconds back (thats all I could sit through).
  22. Health Mandate Unconstitutional?

    The executive branch criticizing the judicial branch (and vice versa) is exactly what checks and balances are all about.