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  1. Thanks for all that replied. How about this Thursday at Carver Cliffs around 5:30? All are welcome. We can put up multiple ropes. Less experienced can toprope. If this all works out, we can try and make Thursday a consistent night and rotate locations. Jason
  2. Please someone jump in here! I had my 7-year old belaying me at Carver cliffs on Tuesday night.
  3. Looking for a once a week after work climbing partner in the Portland area. Work near Troutdale, live near Carver. 5pm until it gets dark. I can usually swing some weekend climbing. Climb 5.9 and hope to be climbing harder than that shortly.
  4. Looking to sell a 2004 Iron Horse Azure Comp. Size Large. I am 5'10" and it fits fine. Only upgrade to stock is I added an XTR rear derailure. Other componets are LX. Pretty good X-country bike. I believe 3.5" of travel. Asking $650.
  5. JRCO

    J-Tree Guide

    I'm Heading to Palm Springs for 5 days week after next for a family vacation. I would like to take a day and rock climb at J-Tree. I have never been to J-Tree and I am not going with anyone else that climbs. Anyone have a recommendation on a guide?
  6. Interesting article. Guys are lucky to be alive. Three Buried
  7. JRCO

    Kid's snow camping

    Perfect. Just what I was looking for.
  8. JRCO

    Kid's snow camping

    My 6 year old boy wants to do an overnight snow camping trip. I am new to the Portland area and looking for a place to take him that wouldn't involve more than a mile or two of snow shoeing. Any one have a good suggestion?
  9. Just drove Troutdale to The Dalles and back. The amount of ice is unbelievable. There is a line near Ainsworth State Park that looks amazing and is now touching down. It appeear to be 4-5 pitches. Lot's of snow on Mist. Saw a couple parties from the highway. Crown looked nice and fat.
  10. jrco got some today at mist falls. Lots of falling ice to climbers left. Looks like 4 or 5 lines are in. Picture taken of random climber on Tuesday. Things were thicker today.
  11. I work in the Gorge. I drive Troutdale to The Dalles on a daily basis. I will keep my eyes open and post reports...of course after I have climbed any ice that has formed. I can break away from work at any time to jump on ice if any one is interested. I have plenty of ice gear.
  12. JRCO has friends from Denver coming into Portland next weekend and they would like to bag a peak on Sunday. All are very fit. I was thinking about SS of Hood until I read the recent trip reports. What other options might someone suggest? SS of Adams or something else on Hood? Or say what the hell on the SS of Hood. Give it a go. Worst thing that happens is we end up the the Timberline lodge drinking beer.
  13. Thanks for all the great info. Sounds like the Fusion pass is the way to go. I also have an AT set up and beacon (with Avy training) if people are lookin got get out once the snow starts to fly. Have ice tools also.
  14. So JRCO is new to Portland, Clackamas actually. Which of the ski areas up around Hood would I want to spend most of my time at? Which has the best season pass deal? Which has the best kids weekend ski school? Thanks,
  15. JRCO finally has relocated to the Portland area and would like to set up a one night a week after work climbing session. Multiple people are welcome. I work in Troutdale and live in Clackamas near Carver. Drop me a line if you are interested. Wednesday nights would probably work the best. jrco1971@hotmail.com
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