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  1. beatard appreciation thread

    wouldn't you have to actually climb here a couple times first before you could manage so machiavellian an agenda? Yeah that's what I thought! I did about four years ago do Wrong Gull, SE Corner, Jill's Thrill, Young Warriors and P1 of Dodd's so I guess that is when I decided this place must be CLOSED!!!!
  2. beatard appreciation thread

    Oh and as was pointed out by Mr. Markett in the other thread, it appears that I personally fucked you Beacon climbers... So now I would like to personally apologize for doing this. As it sounds, according to Mr. Markett I did something to make the closure permanent at Beacon, so again my apologies!!!! :wave: I did it all for the birds!!!!!!!!!
  3. beatard appreciation thread

    Come on Bill gotta cheaply whore your self out a little more!!!
  4. Oregon crags from above...

    I made another video of flying around and looking at some crags in the Cascades. Some of the footage I posted before but some is new. Thought some people might enjoy... [video:youtube]K5AOb_TFez0 You can see the a nice little view of the Turkey Monster at the bottom center of the screen @ 1:27
  5. Skinner's Butte Closure/Condition Report

    Jeeze looks like they where really going at it! The city of Eugene contacted some good friends of mine to do an assessment of the area. They looked at it and told them what they thought as far as a pertinent closure, but that is as far as its gotten now with them. I'll try to post an update when I hear something more.
  6. Oregon Pinnacles

    Pete Guagliardo follows the first pitch on the South Rabbit Ear, while Brian Gilbert & Greg Orton rack up at the base. October 2011. Photo: Chris Winter Esq.
  7. Moolack?

    I finally went and climbed at Moolack with MTep. The place is really very cool, but the routes get kinda dirty. A short 5 minute uphill stroll brings one to the base. The rock is super solid and the cracks protect really well. Surely different the most of the cascade crags in Oregon. Mainly I'm posting this in hopes it will encourage others to go and check the place out and climb and keep the routes nice and clean. With a little more traffic this place would be a gem. If you like crack climbing then make this place a must visit!
  8. Coethedral Anyone?

    Hey Plaidman, I flew over the Coethedral area today, the snow level was lookin pretty low so I'd bet you'll be able to drive all the way there. But don't hold me to it since I didn't know the exact roads to look at n stuff. Have fun! I can post a video of flying around there but not sure it will be too much help.
  9. Tieton rock climbng question?

    So did you camp at the CG on the side of the airstrip in the picture? I saw your pictures on FB which was kinda what got me thinking then I put it all together. So what would the access be like walking from the airstrip in the photo? Obviously looks like Goose Egg would be a piece of cake to walk to but is Kloochman or any of that cragging close by? Looks cool enough I just ordered the guide book so I assume that can answer any question.
  10. Tieton rock climbng question?

    Once I have a Super Cub or Maule on skis, I will report back!!!
  11. Tieton rock climbng question?

    STOKE!!!!!!!! :rawk: :rocken:
  12. Tieton rock climbng question?

    Can any one tell me what the formation in the picture below is? Is that the Goose Egg or whatever? Never been up there but looks like a killer destination for some fly-in climbing...
  13. Yosemite June-July

    Good question! I did just have hernia surgery a couple days ago, so I'm one step closer! Hell, maybe I'll try do a wall again this Fall or something... Though kinda more enchanted with Fisher Towers stuff than The Ditch right now... keeping finger crossed antibiotics will kill disease!!!! Now back to Ivan's partner search....
  14. Yosemite June-July

    wait wait wait... last time I checked the Trip was on El Cap. IMO I'd consider that way more of a route than The Nose! Someone said, once you've done one, you've basically done them all... But yeah I bet you would be a lot more prone to find a partner more willing to head up to Canada than head into an oven. Either way you go a month off will be hard to beat! Though you could still go to the East Coast with the wife and kids
  15. Yosemite June-July

    Why not try something new and not risk dying of heat exhaustion and trying to avoid the man? You done made it up half the walls in Yosemite already! Squamish has TONS of rad lookin aid routes, as does the Diamond, Buggaboos or any of those more summerish destinations, maybe Black Canyon? Mt Hooker looks rad but is like 20 miles back and probably hard! Go do Dolomite Tower on Barring!