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  1. Is there a good free sleeping spot close off I5 between Shasta and Sacramento? A place where one could sleep on the ground near the car between 11pm and 5am without much chance of being hassled. Thanks!
  2. My guess is you're not getting any responses since very few have done it in late season conditions. Based on poking around off route a bit, I'd wager that it's considerably more effort and more dangerous than the standard route. Certainly let us know what you find.
  3. Don't know if you are monitoring this thread anymore. Sent you a PM
  4. S.sister trailhead is about 3-3.5 hours drive from Eugene, BTW. Unless we are having a freakishly bad drought, the road will be closed at Bachelor by Thanksgiving and you'll be looking at a 23 mile day through early season unconsolidated snow.
  5. The main reason few people climb there is the climbing just isn't that good. Sure, there's a few fun pitches. Folks spend a few days or a week and then move on. It will never be overrun with crowds, and that is pretty much its best attribute.
  6. I have not been up there this year but my guess is that it will be snowfree by August 20 +/- a week. BTW, it is possible to get a good view from the Old Mckenzie Highway near Dee Wright Observatory or a few miles west. With binocs and afternoon light you can get a very clear scope of the route.
  7. Probably do something Saturday. Sunday doesn't look that fortuitous for a pleasant outing with views.
  8. What is the difference between South Climb TH and Cold Springs TH? I thought they were the same thing.
  9. Are you really the same windshirt kid everyone was picking on 10 years ago, nolse?
  10. Check out 17:00 in this OPB special on Hood http://watch.opb.org/video/2217365691/
  11. The Forest Service has updated the Pole Creek Fire closure: http://www.fs.usda.gov/alerts/centraloregon/alerts-notices/?aid=17461 It is not clear if the road to the trailhead is open to cars but people are allowed back in to the area as long as they stay on the trails.
  12. Cascade Lakes Highway is open. Snowpack is light and melting fast.
  13. I'm not sure what the plan for Pole Creek is. I don't think there is much snow up there - people are mountain biking up to 5500' right now on the trails off Century Drive. I imagine we will hear something from the forest service soon. I'm thinking that there is more of a normal snowpack up in WA Cascades. Is that right?
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