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  1. [TR] Mt Baker - North Ridge 05/20/2018

    Wow, nice work!
  2. Waynes Greatest Hits WA Pass Edition

    All proceeds from beer and raffle sales going to the WCC for the Liberty Bell Conservation Initiative!!!
  3. Good ski objectives near West Glacier NP?

    I don't have any suggestions, but I'm curious to hear them!
  4. Trip: Ruth Mt - Ruth Glacier Trip Date: 05/20/2018 Trip Report: A beautiful day on Ruth with grouse seemingly everywhere and waterfalls abound! We had pretty low expectations because of the forecast, but thought if we decided to bail, a few hours in Bellingham would also be fun. Luckily, it only drizzled on us for a short while, the clouds kept the sunshine at bay, and we got some great skiing in!! Where were all the people? Only saw one guy coming out after summitting early, a guided group doing glacier rescue practice, and a pair of skiers who had bailed, passing us on their way out . Road drive-able and fairly dry (except for one creek running over/through it...) within .2 miles of Hannegan Campground. There's a giant washout that took out the road plus some right before the campground, impressive. Almost no snow there, so we opted for the summer trail...pretty easy going/few blowdowns, it just doesn't gain elevation very quickly. Carried for awhile (4+ miles?) until we got to continuous snow. Anyway, we opted for the point 5930 circumnav route and that was OK..Clouds swirled in and out and at one point we were almost completely "in a ping pong ball" but happily it passed through. A lot of my photos look monochrome/black and white due to the light. Unfortunately I forgot my real camera so hopefully these aren't too pixelated. Shuksan was gorgeous and all the views were sporadic and interesting with the light coming through clouds. I haven't been in that area much, lots to learn and do! Sweet bivy spot and Icy The snow was GREAT for awhile, far exceeding our expectations...then it got grabby and mushy. So it goes! The slog out was beautiful and the rock in the valley was awesome, but my feet were sick of walking in my ski boots. Great day with great friends in a beautiful place!! πŸ’š Gear Notes: Approach shoes would have been wise Approach Notes: Moat-y around the SW side of point 5930
  5. Ok, perhaps this sounds like a stupid question, but I'm curious to hear different perspectives. I have a friend coming into town from NH the first week of June and he is stoked to climb the North Ridge of Baker, and has a lot more ice experience than me. Great! However, he doesn't ski, and I have had this image of climbing the North Ridge and then skiing the Coleman-Deming. He doesnt have a whole lot of glacier travel experience. I have never seen the Coleman-Deming in person. What are your experiences trying to do glacier travel with people travelling by different modes? How dumb would it be to suggest he descend solo so I can ski? Thanks for your thoughts!
  6. I feel like I need to add/clarify that he was actually the one to suggest this idea. At first I was like no way! But then I thought..hmm, I'll see what the Internet says..
  7. @JasonG Thanks. I certainly was not about to rope up with him without the two of us practicing crevasse rescue thoroughly. Yes, post your pics!
  8. That bear looks skinny! Beautiful photos (yes, as always).
  9. Trip: Silver Star Mt - North side Trip Date: 05/12/2018 Trip Report: Celebrated Hwy 20 opening by heading east for a wonderfully beautiful trip up Silver Star! Had to carry skis for ~40 minutes from the pullout but then great skinning conditions all the way up! Put on the ski crampons around 5200' and kept them on until the col. Ultra mega hyper super happy place Views just got better and better and it was fun and interesting seeing Vasiliki Ridge, Burgundy Col and the Wine Spires from the east -- I'd been on that side just once in an aborted attempt to climb the East Face of Chablis in July 2014 (meeeemories....🎢), it was very cool to be on skis this time! Booted up on snow from the col to the final summit block, a chimney move with a useful rap station to yank on. Fantastic views, I think I saw the Twin Sister Range? And Black and Goode and Glacier and what I think was Dome? Oh yeah, then the skiing. Skiied from the summit block (ok, mostly side-slipped but did make a few turns between rocks).. The snow was AMAAAAZING, truly, for most of the descent, and then it got heavy and slushy. I kept my skis on for perhaps too long, having fun in the woods trying to stay on snow and avoiding logs and dirt. Finally after I hit the second rock I decided to give up. A wonderful day in the mountains, love the blue skies and sweet snow! 😍 Gear Notes: Ski crampons and whippet πŸ‘ Approach Notes: Follow the creek!
  10. @JasonG Oh! That must be the southern Pickets to the north of Shuksan, then! I didn't post the pic of what I think is Black and Goode in my original post: Thank you for your mountain identification assistance πŸ˜€
  11. Wow! Fell hip-deep in a crevasse! Glad it wasn't worse. Nice pics!
  12. ***DEALl!!*** $125!!! Great condition men's Black Diamond Prime AT ski boots with tech binding holes. Soles in excellent shape. Mondo size 24.5. Bought NEW last summer; heat molded once; skiied approx. 8-10 times. Evo says: "The Prime is Black Diamond s premier lightweight alpine touring boot-designed to tackle the world's most challenging ski mountaineering routes or simply to save your legs for one last powder lap. This is Black Diamond s lightest alpine touring boot, featuring a unique 3.5-buckle design that skis with the stiffness and control of a 4-buckle boot. Its state-of-the-art construction keeps weight to an absolute minimum, while the revolutionary Pivoting Cuff Technology delivers the ultimate combination of freedom of motion in walk mode and instant power transfer in ski mode." I'm selling these as hard as I tried, they just don't fit my feet. :-( Message me here or call/text 360-224-7783 More pics upon request. Thanks! Alisse
  13. Nice! Looks beautiful. Only one face plant, good work!
  14. [TR] Ruby Mountain - North side 05/07/2018

    @JasonG Let me know when you want to go climb it again ☺
  15. Trip: Ruby Mountain - North side Trip Date: 05/07/2018 Trip Report: After many phone calls and texts and posts on many forums, I successfully found a poor victim a partner for skiing Ruby yesterday! Thank you Chris!! I woke up at 12:15 AM and drove to meet Chris at the Gorge Lake Campground, we carpooled from there over to the highway closure/Ross Lake Resort trailhead. We left the car at 3:45 AM to take our skis for a bit of a walk up the snow-free trail. We had an OK time route-finding through the forested hillsides and probably couldn't have done it much faster even with a more direct line. We ended up starting to skin around 4,000' if I remember correctly. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!!! The weather was a bit cloudier than expected (but that was a good thing for the snow/avy concerns). Google Photos auto-stich! A little off, but I'll take it.. Once we were supposedly in sight of Ross Lake, the lake and surrounding mountains were completely socked in -- but eventually it opened up quite a bit more and we got some good views! The cornice was not as threatening or overhanging as it could have been. We got up to the summit at 9:00 exactly. The summit repeat/antenna thing was weird. We saw a box of cartridges at the top and wondered about that. What I think must have been Redoubt Glacier -- WOW. And I saw a very big, far-off mountain that I thought maybe was Slesse, but it was too far east to be Slesse. Not sure. Directly north of us. There were sort of mixed reviews/experiences for the latest ski trip reports coming out of the general area, so I was keen to see what we would encounter (maybe, somehow, possibly there would be amazing frozen snow on the way up?). It ended up being a sort of mediocre wet kind of snow that was sticky but not as bad as it could have been! Not terrible for skinning, not terrible for skiing. The line that we took down was conservative -- we stayed on the ridge that we took to ascend, mellow terrain. Just one little slough that turned into a really small loose wet. No roller balls sighted, one natural tiny loose wet slide off the rocks far, far away from us. We took a better way down through the woods and found that we could have been skinning from around 3,300'.... not too much slide alder/open creek to contend with right now. Somehow I lost my little metal loop thing off my ski boot (for the leash) and also the plastic protector thing for my whippet! Not sure how that happened. I failed at LNT... We got back to the car at noon. It was full-on sunny and beautiful and Colonial and friends (and all the rest) were looking so good! Chris just happened to have some Pacifico beers in a cooler (!) in his car and that was a great way to end things. This trip fed my soul!!! Thanks to a different Chris (https://chasingmastery.com/) for the GPX track :-) Lessons: - Don't plan on wearing ski boots for the entire thing and then as you leave the car decide not to do that, and decide to start on in the Chacos that you have on your feet. Don't try to switch back into the Chacos while you're still on steep duffy forest slopes. Gear Notes: Carried aluminum crampons but did not need them one iota Approach Notes: Follow your nose south :-)
  16. [TR] Ruby Mountain - North side 05/07/2018

    I also like my sleep @JasonG but with the freezing level being so high for so long, we wanted to be up top early. A lot of this route is on a ridge, though, on very moderate slopes. I guess you might already know that. Looking at maps, it could definitely have been Hozomeen, but it looked further away? Here's a pic:
  17. I have the day off. I've asked approximately 8 people I know but no one has committed yet. Anyone out there free/interested?
  18. Ruby Mt - Mon. May 7 SKI

    Yep. No dice. πŸ˜’ And now the weather trend for that day is worsening. Ho hum... Weather/partner anxiety is getting to me.
  19. Ruby Mt - Mon. May 7 SKI

    Guess I need to reactivate Facebook to find partners 😭😭
  20. for sale FS: $125 BD Prime AT ski boots 24.5

    Serious price drop - trying to get rid of these before moving!
  21. Ruby Mt - Mon. May 7 SKI

    @JasonG thanks! I'm prepared 😎
  22. 8 mile road/Colchuck Trail Conditions???

    There's a recent Enchantments traverse TR on Turns All Year, might have your answers!
  23. @JasonG thanks. Yes, WildSnow is great!