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  1. Update: I called my favorite restaurant in Marblemount: Mondo. It is the place where I usually shuffle my broken body for a delicious breakfast after a few days romping around Boston Basin. Someone from Mondo is going to run the shuttle for us. I'll post back here with how it goes and with a contact.
  2. This is phenomenal, thorough, and finally brings rigor to the sport of schwacking.
  3. Hi jsong! Not looking to do forbidden but could use a ride from the Ptarmigan car drop. Are you heading out Thursday evening? Let me know! 2066600965
  4. Hey climbers! Anyone heading to Cascade Pass this weekend (El Dorado/ Buckner/ Sahale/ forbidden etc)? My partner and I want to do the Ptarmigan traverse but need a ride or second car. If you're keen to leave a bit earlier, drive a bit longer, and have a couple seats to spare from Darrington to Marblemount- let's talk! We will make it worth you while! Please help us! Zach and Sarah 2066600965
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