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  1. Update: I called my favorite restaurant in Marblemount: Mondo. It is the place where I usually shuffle my broken body for a delicious breakfast after a few days romping around Boston Basin. Someone from Mondo is going to run the shuttle for us. I'll post back here with how it goes and with a contact.
  2. The Cascade Brush and Bushwhack Rating System

    This is phenomenal, thorough, and finally brings rigor to the sport of schwacking.
  3. Forbidden Peak

    Hi jsong! Not looking to do forbidden but could use a ride from the Ptarmigan car drop. Are you heading out Thursday evening? Let me know! 2066600965
  4. Hey climbers! Anyone heading to Cascade Pass this weekend (El Dorado/ Buckner/ Sahale/ forbidden etc)? My partner and I want to do the Ptarmigan traverse but need a ride or second car. If you're keen to leave a bit earlier, drive a bit longer, and have a couple seats to spare from Darrington to Marblemount- let's talk! We will make it worth you while! Please help us! Zach and Sarah 2066600965