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  1. ...of course I would spy and drool over an ice climb called “Death Picnic”! Hahahaaa
  2. Fantastic images! Looks like conditions were x5000000. You all are really making that couloir dance lately...
  3. Agreed on that avy apron above Source. Simply not a sunny day uproute for me... Goods that are not shared are not goods, you know!?!
  4. Nice! Looks like you found the goods!
  5. [TR] Guye Peak - South Gully 02/20/2020

    Conditions look amazing in your photos. Nice one!
  6. Shootdang! Looks like a fantastic day to be out with some great conditions. Thanks for sharing the pictures, too, I’ve not swooned for Shuksan quite like this before.
  7. [TR] Stevens Pass - Yodelin 02/17/2020

    Right on! There was such good snow! I bet we did run into each other. Fun vibe out there. Fingers crossed for more after this weekend’s storm. Feels like the season still has plenty of legs!
  8. Wow! Looks like a great trip - I look forward to the captions for more context, but dang the routes really do like fun. And it's so nice that you were able to enlist a NatGeo photographer to tie in with you guys
  9. Awesome TR! Really dig the video component, too - nice work. Looks like you all had a great outing!
  10. Sicko! Great TR and images... it looks like you two had *perfect* conditions up there. Such a beautiful climb on the ridge, with plenty of airy feelings and spectacular views. Well done!!
  11. [TR] Dragontail Peak - Triple couloirs 03/31/2019

    Sweet! Nice work and great images.
  12. Mt Hood

    Not really worthy of a TR as it is climbed so very often, but I went up the Old Chute route on March 30th with a buddy. I figured I should return the beta favor above and put up some pics, with the goal of at least stoking the fire for others. We took advantage of a clearing weather window that opened just before midnight the 29th, was supposed to last around 12 hours, and ended up lasting 2 days. Typical Hood day of leaving the parking lot bivy around 1:45 am, climbing under a sea of stars, 3-10 degrees F until the sun came up, summiting in the morning hours, returning in the early afternoon under sun and 50s-60s. Made a half-dozen new friends breaking trail through the Old Chute... the really fun side of a "social route". Snow conditions were *perfect* for climbing/glissading/sliding/shenanigans, with all of the upper mountain wiped clean by the hash of light storms earlier that week. Plenty of skiers and snowboarders making it look reallllll good on the way down. People appeared on the summit from seemingly every aspect while we hung out on the summit. A+ day. Some pics: Climbing under starlight/headlights: Just before sunrise near Devil's Kitchen: Sunrise mountain shadow from the Hogsback: Looking down from our lookout/ski hide-away just under the Old Chute finish: Summit views to the North: My buddy Max down-climbing the steepest bit of the Old Chute: So many routes were re-opened that day! Tracks leading to/from many of the more technical South Side routes: