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  1. the beckey route still needs a winter ascent? i think kit and nelson did the complete couloir then up the east ridge. ??
  2. nice photos, i can finally see that route blue moon! so obvious from that photo
  3. [TR] Eldorado Peak - East Ridge 5/18/2013

    great black and white photo of you
  4. [TR] Sloan Peak - NW Face and gully 4/16/2013

    wayne I believe they ascended the thin wet/snow line just left of the drawn line on the lower rock, encountering snice up to 80 degrees.
  5. Borrowing a snowmobile

    i have one for sale, great price
  6. ya got talent as a photographer, thats for sure
  7. Nice, with just a little imagination there are endless possible adventures still out there
  8. in the 30s and 40s they were climbing on this thing, if you cant get up the thing with your sticky shoes, chaulk and latest lightest new rock protection then i dont know what to say ??
  9. I say leave it alone. leave a little bit of uncertainty and risk to this climb, and 5.7 max if anybody cares? put an R rateing on it if worried
  10. TFT in winter

    anger managment please
  11. Recommended Alpine Rock Solos

    not in the north cascades but start at alpental parking lot and do rosevelt-kaleetnan traverse, going down the standard se descent of kaleetan and hiking out to the old pass road to finish jogging back to alpental parking lot. 8+ hours if you move good
  12. i remember it as a long summit-to car day also, but is a great moderate route. and we also took the wrong rappell entering the chimmney and had to do some crazy, wild exsposed soloing with a pack on. good times!
  13. Ueli Steck is not Messner, either

    if you can find it, Kuckuzkas book about climbing the 8000 meter peaks is a amazing. the guy was unbelievably driven and hard core yet very modest and he comes across as a guy you would like to have a drink with(or finish the bottle!)sad loss to the world
  14. Ueli Steck is not Messner, either

    kuckuzka did use oxygen on everest except for the top 500 meters, which seems to me is when you would want it the most? both in my opinion are two of the greatest ever. kuckuzka was definitely the harder [aka suffering] of the two, but messner was the "first" at alot. his and hablers alpine ascent of hidden peak in 77 was a good example
  15. [TR] Tooth - South Face 4/28/2012

    an alpine classic!
  16. [TR] the tooth - east face 2/4/2012

    Hey Mike, I got our pin back from 10+ years ago or whenever the hell that was on one of my many failled attempts!!
  17. wow your pics really bring back good memories, good job
  18. [TR] the tooth - east face 2/4/2012

    nice tied off shrubb on the second pitch, classic! ditto on the fwa with the late scott fisher(RIP)
  19. we will look you up when your 88!!
  20. wow! the miles put on by these two is incredible
  21. [TR] the tooth - east face 2/4/2012

    great job men, i believe that face should get more attention as there is some good climbing on it. although a bit runout for some peoples taste
  22. Skiing is STOOOPID

    be a good bumper sticker