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  1. I have a friend visiting this week and we'd like to do some easy alpine climbs/scrambles not too far from Squamish where we will be based. Looking for something with very low avalanche risk. Was thinking perhaps the NW Ridge of Joffre or a climb along those lines. Thanks!
  2. Seems like there are plenty of good options. Thanks so much everyone!
  3. Can anyone recommend any alpine rock routes (5.5 and under) in the North Cascades that can be done car to car in a day? I'll be around Seattle and Vancouver for a couple of weeks and was looking to solo a few easy routes.
  4. Thanks for the reply. I'll provide an update if we end up heading there.
  5. Has anyone ever crossed the glacier in conditions like these? Would it be too sketchy? Was hoping to do the NE Buttress at the end of the month....
  6. Thanks everyone! If we end up getting out there then I'll give an update on the conditions.
  7. Hey all, Just in Leavenworth for the next week and was wondering if anyone knew the conditions for Mt. Stuart. Was hoping to do the Upper North Ridge route. How much harder would the route be if there was still quite a bit of snow up there? If it's not in condition, does anyone have any recommendations for moderate alpine climbs?
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