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  1. Outstanding trip and pictures! Thanks for sharing.
  2. Unrepeated routes in N Cascades (winter type)

    I recall, Shuksan's Hanging Glacier hasn't been climbed in winter, but I might be wrong.
  3. Few more pictures. Bala chopping steps and following a fun pitch 4
  4. I am just happy Bala led the last crappy pitch and I was enjoying a view of the North face
  5. United we stand, divided we fall
  6. [TR] Forbidden Peak - North Ridge 07/15/2018

    Extraordinary trip - thanks for posting the pictures and route conditions. We are planning this trip in August and hope the moat will be still passible.
  7. Looking for a 3rd person for climb the NR of Forbidden. Open to other options in Pickets.
  8. True, global warming or just a warm fluke in the global weather
  9. The Rainier's Mowich Face is typically done starting at the Mowich Lake via the Ptarmigan Ridge. I came across this 2002 TR from Alpine Dave, who began the climb at the West side road. http://www.alpinedave.com/mt_rainier/mowich/mowich.htm Anyone has experience with this approach/trail conditions in late June - early July?
  10. partners needed

    Hey Eric. That sound like fun - I am still watching climbing videos
  11. partners needed

    What was happening to Bill this year?
  12. partners needed

    I really want to finish Jeff Park Glacier
  13. partners needed

    Bill who?
  14. partners needed

    Looking for alpine partners. I've been out of commission for a year and would like to start with moderate alpine routes this summer. PM if you have interest in developing partnership. Oleg