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  1. It looks like they are turning the T-line into a crazy land. We now must purchase a ticket to get there? As always, the businesses and the government are trying to patch their budgets out of our pockets and the climbers are not even considered. There are other ways you can climb Mt Hood. Park at the snow park parking lot across the White River Recreational area and follow the White river canyon to a great weakness in the canyon wall from where you can get to the south side. This trip will add extra 2000 ft to your climb. From Mt Hood Meadows, you climb North-East-facing routes
  2. Is Smith Rock open?
  3. Thank you for sharing your TR. Did you have a good look at the Black Spider lines? Is there any ice on the face?
  4. Did you have a good look at IR?
  5. The weather forecast may improve in the next week or so. I am looking for a alpine partner to climb snow and ice (if there is any left). Some ideas: Mt Hood (Devils Kitchen HW, Sunshine, NF gullies (considering low snow level, it's a stretch and an extreme calf burner) Rainier (Gibbs Ledges...maybe) Chair Peak (NF?) Extreme hiking is always an option
  6. Reid HW

    looking for a partner to climb Reid HW; leaving the T-line sat am; 3/16/2019 ovarlamov@yahoo.com
  7. Outstanding trip and pictures! Thanks for sharing.
  8. Unrepeated routes in N Cascades (winter type)

    I recall, Shuksan's Hanging Glacier hasn't been climbed in winter, but I might be wrong.
  9. Few more pictures. Bala chopping steps and following a fun pitch 4
  10. I am just happy Bala led the last crappy pitch and I was enjoying a view of the North face
  11. United we stand, divided we fall
  12. [TR] Forbidden Peak - North Ridge 07/15/2018

    Extraordinary trip - thanks for posting the pictures and route conditions. We are planning this trip in August and hope the moat will be still passible.
  13. Looking for a 3rd person for climb the NR of Forbidden. Open to other options in Pickets.