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  1. Good job climbing in sketchy conditions! We saw you on the south face while approaching the DKH. We also experienced hollow snow conditions on the traverse to the summit. I wonder if the entire NF is the same way.
  2. Dynafit ski boots, men US size 8.5 $75 Thanks, Oleg olegvar17@gmail.com
  3. Jason, you are still a baby in my memories!!! LOL
  4. I was cleaning up my closet and found this: Bail-out screws (4 russian titanium and 5 stainless steel) 4 small camps (good condition, but need to resling) snow fluke 6 micronuts PM, if interested
  5. looking for a partner with experience in alpine climbing. PM if interested
  6. Trip: Mt Hood - Eliot Glacier Trip Date: 08/25/2006 Trip Report: On a beautiful August day, Ivan and I went to explore the upper Eliot Glacier. Photos by Brent McGregor. Mt Hood covered with fresh powdered snow: Approaching the upper Eliot - a war zone looking like the battle for Stalingrad: The ice towers reminiscent of Coliseum: me War Zone: Leading into unknown: I always wanted to explore the satellites of Giant Planets . Somewhere on Enceladus? Some fun glacier ice: Truly intimidating landscape: Me belaying Ivan: Eliot seracs Gear Notes: Ice climbing rack Approach Notes: Cloud Cap
  7. Hi All, Can anyone recommend a good sport medicine specialist to help diagnose and treat my knee problem? 10 years ago, I had a nasty bike accident resulting in open tibial fracture. I was able to recover and continue running, hiking and climbing. Lately (for about a year), I've been experiencing pain in my right knee while running uphill or downhill. I suspect that my knee cartilage got damaged and would like to verify it with MRI and design the optimal treatment strategy. Any info would be greatly appreciated! Oleg varlamov@ohsu.edu
  8. Trip: Mt Hood - Illumination Rock - East Ridge of South Chamber Trip Date: 09/06/2020 Trip Report: We climbed the South Ridge of South Chamber on Sunday. I camped several hundred feet away from the IR on the boulder field and met my partner in the morning. The lower ZigZag glacier and the Illumination saddle looked like a war zone, but the night was pleasant. I saw the Lyon Head fire from the distance (my apologies for a grainy image) and at first though it was a lava flow from the Jefferson. The Mt Hood looked surreal. The snow at the base of the IR is mostly gone. We climbed the ridge to the left of the large brown spot and then traversed the face to the summit. Climbing I-rock (I wouldn't call it a "rock"). The slab pitch (#4?) At the last pitch - it felt like the summit rock is made of sand. We still look happy at the summit. Reid from the rappel station The crux of the climb was getting off the IR. There are numerous loose blocks laying around frightening to kill you. The last rap brought us on the steep unconsolidated slope. We traversed it to the right. I do not recommend to climb this route in summer... Gear Notes: medium rack, ice axe, crampons (worked really well on the dirt), beer before and after the climb Approach Notes: South Side
  9. Hi Alex, I saw your post and got exited - you are back to NW! How are things going? I hope your injury is nothing serious. I've been getting through the same "sitting too much" problems - neck pain and knee injury. I am looking for alpine partners as well. Have you climbed in WA Pass? I just climbed the Burgundy Spire and would like to go back in August - early September and do the Liberty Bell and The Early Winter Spires. If you are interested, here is my contact info: varlamov@ohsu.edu 503-808-0883 Best, Oleg
  10. I am looking for a long-term climbing/training partner in PDX. I am less interested in cragging and more interested in long alpine routes. If you like trail-running and pristine alpine wildness, we might be a good match. Oleg varlamov@ohsu.edu
  11. Hey Jason, it brings up some great memories from our 2004 winter ascent of Gibbs Ledges!
  12. We should team up Dan! I always wanted to do a 5.8 rock variation. The climb of the veterans
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