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  1. The climbs across the lake are very inspiring, Banks still has some gems left that we will be looking for in future seasons; as well as the surrounding Coulees. It was good to run into you and glad you got on Zenith. We had a pretty good laugh when one of your partners asked "how long we were staying?" and our reply was "until it warms up" it was worth sharing just for the look on her face. See you around.
  2. Vern, we knew you were trying to find out the name a couple weeks before we climbed it- glad you did. Did you find out who put it up and when? just curious.
  3. Mark, Thanks for the info. We had a perfect boot track which made it especially speedy with all the simul-climbed sections. It could go much faster than 12 hours if somebody was trying and had similar conditions. Hopefully we'll bump into you next season. -Joe Peters
  4. Thanks for the write up Marlin. You put a lot of effort into the tr. Here is a video of some of my stuff.
  5. I've been in AK since the 31st of March and have not been following the weather down here. Does anyone know if the North Side of D'tail is holding up? Looks like freeze-thaw this week and I might be able to sneak in and would like to back-to-back this and the Gerber Sink.
  6. Get a guide and find an appropriate adventure to your ability (IMHO there is a ton of BS in clubs, many people use it as an ego trip and a dating service). Maybe an alpine multi-pitch in the 5.9 realm. Tell him/her what your into and that you want to learn. You'll be able to be in an environment where you can soak it in and be safe. Basically learn from a pro then seek like minded partners (I'm of the Twight school of thought on partners- its sacred in the Alpine) That being said I'm self-taught like many others, but the learning curve took a bit longer by doing so. Shoot I'd love to have Barry Blanchard guide me around a day just to hear the stories. 2 cents.
  7. DPS- We started it last night. Zipper is out hood is chopped off, got to bring in the sides and sew it up. About 4 hours into the project. I'll post up a few pictures later tonight.
  8. Where do ya find that tape? I just googled Sigatape and a roll of it costs about as much as a new thermarest. Whats the name of the 3M version?
  9. I use the FF Vireo UL for all my climbs and with success. However, a trip up to Shuksan this past summer got us caught out in the rain for 2 days. The kind of rain where you fill your nalgene up in a matter of minutes from drips the stream running off the tarp. Not exactly the Vireo's niche environment. I did some digging on the webs but have not found a synthetic bag like the Vireo so I'm going to make one. My wife is an excellent seamstress so it's worth a serious attempt. I'd like input on materials and patterns if anybody has also done some experimentation. I'm leaning towards Primaloft Sport and Pertex Endurance. In the meantime were going to chop up an old REI bag with Polarguard and see what we come up with. Input would be appreciated I know someone has had to have tried/botched this by now. -Joe
  10. Has anybody figured out a way to patch the platy's? I emailed Nalgene but they just offered to send a new one. I was thinking about those quick bike tube patches or maybe tenacious tape, but I don't want to poke a hole in my new play just for science. I've never given thought to the small .5L Nalgene's but I'll be getting one. Thanks for the insight.
  11. Thanks for the post Dave. I carried the platy in my jacket as well and it works well. How did you rig up the adjustable sling? Also, have you figured out a good field patch for when/if the platy springs a leak? -Joe
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