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  1. for sale Moving to Japan - need to thin the closet

    Thursday bump
  2. partner wanted 16-18 (19) Nov

    surprise weekend available from work. might have Monday off too. obviously want to get something big. c2c or overnight, both are fine. temps look good, wind looks manageable up high. I've got some ideas, and definitely open for yours. game for rock, alpine, skiing, or MTB. thanks! dave 239-two-three-three-2002
  3. What bindings are people rocking right now?

    I quiver killer all my skis. they're a stronger attachment, but also make it dangerously easy to add skis and/or bindings to the stable. example: dps skis with g3 touring or kingpin resort bindings. same or different boots. original plan was to balance tech and tele. tele is all but out, but getting the right tech binding is nice. adding skis now only costs the off-season discount and no need for more than one binding; and I always have the best ski for the conditions.
  4. for sale Moving to Japan - need to thin the closet

    Books Going to Japan and don't want to take 20 lbs of books with me .... Mostly looking to avoid throwing them away. If you'd like them to donate to an organization, or know of an organization that would take them, let me know and I'll let these go for no cost. Sale price is only to justify my time to move them, to avoid just throwing them away. Thanks! 5 x bear books about attacks, history, etc. $2 each of all for $5. Collection of Mountaineers Books $3 each: free heel skiing Gym Climbing Climbing (training for peak performance) Climbing (from gym to crag) General, all-purpose books, $3 each The Mountaineering Handbook Complete Guide to Ski Touring and Ski Mountaineering
  5. for sale Moving to Japan - need to thin the closet

    Added: Arcteryx Silo 40 Ski Pack. $60. Awesome big ski touring pack, I just don't have a need for it anymore. Men's Large Mountain Hardware lightweight down jacket, no hood. OLD. $15 Men's Large Arcteryx Venta softshell jacket. Awesome jacket, just too heavy for me and I don't really ski at the resort. Excellent condition. $75 Mont-bell Ultra Light Super Spiral Down Hugger #3 (30-degree). Well used, still in great shape. Looking to sell and upgrade to their newer 900 fill version. $200 Mont-bell Ultra Light Super Spiral Down Hugger #1 (15 degree). Less than 10 nights, excellent shape. Same deal as above, $350. Mont-bell Ultra Light Down Hugger #5 (50 degree). Well used, good shape. I've switched to half bags and quilts for summer, no need for this bag. $50.
  6. Various BD ice turbo express ice screws (all have a knob), 13, 16, 19cm. SOLD. Totem Cams, Blue to Orange. WELL used, definitely fallen on. SOLD. 2016 Mammut 8.7mm single/double/twin. 40m @ $60. 50m @ $75. 60m @ $90. 70m @ $105. ONLY reason I am selling is to try and reduce my rope quiver due to moving to Japan. 2012 Sterling Nano 7.8 twins. 60m, both for $50. Definitely near the end of their life based on age, but they have been well cared for and only used in winter or long, steep rock routes requiring many rappels. I would / will continue to personally use for another winter and next summer to give you an idea on how much life I think they have left. 200 foot static 9mm haul rope. never been used. $75. 26.5 shell / 26.0 liner Dynafit GAIA boot. never been punched. four buckle. Bought for wife, didn't fit. Trying to get rid of these. $10. 2009 Black Diamond Half Dome Helmet, blue, moderate use - $20 2014 Arcteryx B360 Harness with middle gear loop removed, used, a year of heavy use, a few of light use left. - $35 LOTS of retired rope of various lengths, dog leashes, training stuff, rugs, etc. - $0.20 per foot ATC x 2, good shape - $5 each 2009 Black Diamond Womens Harness, a year or two or light/moderate use left (only due to age), looks new and was never heavily used - $10 Pair of android leashes for current gen BD Cobra or previous gen Viper (may work with current gen Viper, but I cannot confirm) - $15 each ($25 for the pair) 2012 DPS Lotus 120 hybrid 190cm ski, drilled with several quiver killers. Probably best to meet in person to make sure your bindings will fit. Size 13/30.5 boot. $100 Women's Medium Helly Hansen Ski Pants (white) (wife's, they are in good shape, we're just going in a different direction with her pants). $25 2012 Marmot Women's Medium PRECIP full side zip hardshell pants. Excellent shape, just going a different direction. Pics available upon request. Moving to Japan and need to thin the closet. Will probably continue adding to this list. Deals made to move this stuff to a home that will use it. Located in Everett, easily get around the general area from Seattle to Bellingham. Thanks! Dave 239-two-three-three-2002
  7. Need ice tool suggestions for harder routes

    Something can really be said for the right tool for the conditions, and the comfort / speed added in semi- or fully-technical terrain vs. the speed lost in non-technical by carrying two tools AND a non-technical long axe. Sure you can climb North Ridge or Coleman Headwall on Baker w/o two technical tools, but you'll be a lot slower through the technical terrain, and may struggle to even make it up. This could significantly lower the overall safety of the party. I have never regretted carrying two technical tools, even when not truly needed because of the speed and security added when I did need them, even for a short time. A fully functional, non-technical axe also makes travel through the remainder of the terrain safe and fast without needing to utilize a tool where it does not belong. Are you any slower carrying three tools/axes - not really; do you ensure you have the right tool for the job, ensuring confidence and speed and therefore safety - yes. North Ridge, Liberty Ridge, Coleman Headwall (some examples above) - I would whole-heartedly recommend two tools and an axe, you never know what you might have to climb through. I have not done Leutholds or DKH, so cannot comment at all (except Leutholds is a relatively benign ski descent, I think ...). I am not advocating two tools on everything, but simply giving another perspective that has worked well for me.
  8. Trip: Johannesburg - NE Rib 1957 Trip Date: 13-14 October 2018 Trip Report: started 715 Sat AM from the parking lot. took the lowest start posible, scrambling a few hundred feet before a 100m roped pitch into the trees. lots of unroped climbing before realizing we were too far right. we did another roped pitch thinking we'd be out - wrong. a single 30m rappel down and skiers right put us back in business. a long stretch of unroped climbing into a gullet. roped back up for a few of the moves and that deposited up on the main ridge's shoulder. this was the large climbers right trend in the topos. lots of steep vegetated climbing and steep exposed climbing brought us to a short (10m) knife edge ridge crossing - officially out of the shit. this is where you could drop into the gulley to climb up to the bivy or stay on the rope. gulley obviously looked nasty in October. we scrambled another short distance to where we needed a rope. either the ugly offwidth or the steep face up and right. not entirely sure if the face is what others had chosen, but it's what we opted for. it was a little hard down low, but opened up nicely. we hauled packs on this particular pitch. from that beltway we were a 150m pitch then a 45m pitch to the bivy site. arrived around 530pm - just under 10 hrs on the route. no running water for us, so we went ultraconservative with fuel only melting water and saving some fuel just in case. we were treated with an awesome sunset and sunrise. we were nestled between the snow and the rock and stayed protected from the wind. next morning we were moving by 745am and summited around 920am. glacier was very simple all things considered. snow arete was very cool and truly unique. started to descent around 10am, opting to downclimb vs rappel. some serious exposure on sometimes pretty delicate climbing. we were pretty close to the top, only dropping to maybe 100 feet below occasionally and not for very long. we reached the main descent around noon. on the main descent we made one anchor for a belayed downclimb relatively high up, then lots of downclimbing snow and rock until an obvious rappel station. this was a real rope stretcher (full 30m) to a subtle ledge skiers left of running water, we loaded about 1.5 liters knowing we'd get more soon - it was euphoric to get nice cold water. more snow and rock brought us to a second obvious station, going skiers left. another 30m with some downclimbing and we were onto a broad apron. traversing skiers left, going more directly to C-J Col, we found three more rap stations, plus a lot of downclimbing. we reached the col around 230pm. we were moving quite slow. after quickly adjusting layers we were off to Doug's direct and searching for water. we were at the top around 5pm and made fast work down to the 6k foot level. here is where were made our only route finding mistakes: dropping too low too early twice. this cost us probably a at least an hour. we then got back on track and were to cascade pass by 8pm and the TH by 930pm. all in all, full value route that was surprisingly straightforward. I'd do it again. Gear Notes: single rack to 3in was nice to have, 60m rope was shortest we would have wanted Approach Notes: short, or long, depending on your perspective
  9. Partner Needed: 13-14 OCT in PNW

    jude - partner found, sry. good luck getting out there, shuksan is well worth it.
  10. Partner Needed: 13-14 OCT in PNW

    Weather looks awesome this weekend. Anything from above still on the table. Stoked on your off-the-beaten path ideas as well. I can leave by early afternoon on Friday. Thanks! Dave
  11. no real point to my comment other than to put it in slight perspective. The ship that I work on will go out to sea for a normal military deployment and burn about 5 million gallons of diesel fuel, plus maybe a half million gallons of jet fuel … I guess we should also stop military operations ... if you average 15k miles per year and 25 mpg in your car … that's over 7500 years worth of fuel ... flame away folks … PS: the skiing and trail running this past weekend was awesome; but I burned more than 6 gallons, sry.
  12. Partner Needed: 13-14 OCT in PNW

    BUMP. Looking for a partner for this weekend ... not many left before the military moves me again ... Thanks! Dave
  13. Looking to get out this weekend and have a few ideas, but open to anything: 1. Trail running the Wonderland in a single push. My wife can provide support at the road intersections. 2. Prusik. C2C or overnight, open to either. 3. Washington Pass. May be too cold. 4. Rainier. Nisqually or Mowich: something off the beaten path. 5. Baker. Coleman Headwall. 6. Shuksan. North Face. 7. Index. 8. Darrington. 9. Skiing ... anything? 10. Another long distance, semi-crazy trail run? 11. Any long distance (30+ miles) mountain biking... Let me know if your interested and let's do it! Thanks! Dave daveschultz125(at)gmail(dot)com 239-two-three-three-2002
  14. found found cam on clean break 9/1/18

    details and its yours
  15. found found cam on clean break 9/1/18

    details and its yours