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  1. my TR from 2014. The technical skill you describe is certainly adequate, the real challenge is the route finding, and general big-mountain problem set and problem solving. Compared to LR on Rainier, NR of Baker, and NF of Hood - I thought Price Glacier was larger (order(s) of magnitude) and more complicated objective. Technical ice and rock, shitty ice and rock, huge route, NO good beta, route advice, etc ... its truely a big and spectacular route. Very far out there, you'll feel like your on a different planet. I'd 100% do it again, and really enjoyed the mid- to late-season conditions we found in 2014. Enjoy, its a route youll never forget.
  2. Howdy PNW Climbers and Skiers! I was a regular posted back in 2017-2019 when I lived in Everett, but have been in Japan for two years and now in San Diego for about a year. I have a quick road trip window and it looks like I've narrowed down a Ruby Mountain window from 18-20 March (could maybe stay to 21 Mar). 18th looks great, 19th looks like a high wind day, 20th looks great, 21st looks iffy. If you want to meet up there, please let me know, or if you know anyone in the area or around who might be willing to link up. Thanks! Dave 239-two-three-three-2oo2
  3. Congrats on ticking this route - I found it to be very enjoyable a perfect length for a full-value big-day out in the mountains. I'm curious about the dog comment ... any pics? Legalities of bringing dogs up there? Thanks!
  4. If you're willing to ship to APO/AP i'll take them.
  5. This is a sick pack for PNW. Someone buy this before I do as a spare ...
  6. Last call for items, packers pack everything this week. Add: Neo air xtherm regular length NWT. $100
  7. also look at montbell. i use theur 30 degree throughout the winter, but have a nunatack quilt for shoulders and summer.
  8. BD C3 #1. $25 Oakley Splice Goggles with clear, yellow, and two blends of dark lenses. The frame is a little manky but still works, a little TLC could bring it back to full health. $40 Oakley A- Frame Women's Goggles with dark and yellow lenses. Nothing wrong at all. $20 75m 6mm tag line. Bag included. $30 30cm Brooks Range saw, folds down to probably 22cm, includes a sweet sleeve. No longer available from Brooks Range. $20 Platypus over-the-shoulder bladder holder. Great for cold weather to keep the bladder close to the body heat to stay liquid. $5 each, both for $7 LaSpo racing top size XL, I'm a medium build 6'0" and it fits well. Really comfy if you're moving fast. $20 Marmot Optima Hardshell. Gor-Tex Paclite Shell. Men's Size M. Great pant, I just don't use a hardshell for anything anymore. $40 Marmot PreClip Rain Pains. Women's Size M. Nothing wrong, just not a good fit. $35 Camel Back bladder with insulated tube. Small hole repaired with tape. $3 Osprey Raptor 18. Barely used. Too many packs. $25 Osprey Verve 7. Barely used. Too many packs. $10 Black Diamond Bullet 18. WELL used. Too many packs. $5 Black Diamond Axis 33. AWESOME pack, just WAY bigger than I ever use. Too many packs. $35 Camel Back tiny pack only carries a bladder and some small items. Too many packs. $5 Osprey Bladder. Included with the first pack sold, or separate for $5 MSR water filter. Circa 2009, I just don't treat my water anymore … $5 Rab Alpine Generator Synthetic Puffy. Size L. Used but in great condition. $50 (spoken for, but not yet paid) TNF Cat's Meow 20-degree Synthetic Sleeping Bag. Heavily used while on a ship. $10 EMS negative 20-degree Synthetic Sleeping Bag. Barely used. $50
  9. BUMP and added: Magnavox VHS to DVD burning unit. $20 Yamaha stereo receiver. $25 Sharper image headphone, we had trouble making them work. Someone else might have better luck. $2 Bose surround sound speakers (at least 5 speakers, may have a sixth in the box) with subwoofer. We've used in every house since 2009 and are just getting too lazy to move it around again. All the boxes, wires, etc. still with it, nothing wrong, REALLY GOOD SET UP. $50 Kurig, not sure the model. $15 Mulit-Cooker (rice, slow cooker, deep fryer, steamer). Bought YEARS ago and never used. $25 Kitchen Aid deluxe mixer. $25 Bread maker. $25 Small slow cooker / crock pot. $10 Japanese soup bowl set with box. $10 Japanese sushi set with box. $10 Fancy Shun Steak Knife set with box. $50 Health food books / random recipe books. $5, $4, $3, $2, $1 each (like above). NWAC thermos. $2 2 x AAC 16 oz glasses. $2 each 3 lunch boxes. $2 each
  10. Consolidated listing. Willing to make deals to move stuff. 239-two-three-three-2002 daveschultz125(at)gmail(dot)com Screamers. $5 each, $20 for all. All about 6 years old. Chess Set. $5 2012 Garmin 450T. Worked great until it didn’t. Someone smarter or with more time might be able to give life back to this thing. $10. BMW Z4 sun shade. Probably fit any small sports car. Free with any other purchase, just don’t want to throw away. Insulated thermos and cup. $5 Stanley vacuum thermos. 1.1 liter. $5 (spoken for, but not yet paid) Coleman sleeping bag. Used for 5 nights. $5 Nordic Track Bike. Bought in 2014, not used much. $25 Salomon Rockette 164cm 128-108-121. Bought cheap, looking to move on. Lots of quiver killer holes, best to see in person to verify binding fit. $25 Acetone, Ice Melt, Rain-X. Free with any other purchase. 20# propane and Mr Buddy Heater. $25 (SPOKEN FOR, NOT PAID OR PICKED UP) Steel Toe work boots. Size 13. Just don’t quite fit me, probably closer to 12 or 12.5. $15 LaSpo Trango womens size 42. Good shape, just old. $25 LaSpo Trango mens 47. Moderate shape, probably best out of the snow. $15 LaSpo Hiking boots. Mens 47. Perfect shape. $40 Scarpa Hiking boots. Womens 41.5 / 9.5. Perfect shape. $40 7TM Power Tour set up. 2 sets, ski crampons, lots of extra parts. $50 Ski Iron. $5 OR Lodester. Size L. Rumored to the one the warmest technical climbing gloves. Didn’t fit my hands well enough to use. $25 (SPOKEN FOR, NOT PAID OR PICKED UP) Go Pro Package. Hero Origianal, Hero 2, lots of accessories. $25 K4 Cell Phone. Bought in Canada when my phone broke. Someone with more time can probably figure out how to make it work. $20 BD Cams 0.5-6. $450. Not looking to split. Only reason I am selling is to reduce volume for Japan. I would whip on any one of these cams. 40m 8.7mm Mammut Serenity triple rated rope. $60. Trimmed from a longer rope, used for alpine, a few more years left. Photos available upon request. 50m 8.7mm Mammut Serenity triple rated rope. $75. Trimmed from a longer rope, used for alpine, a few more years left. Photos available upon request. 70m 9.2mm Sterling Areo bi-pattern single rated rope. $110. Bought in 2015, used for cragging, definitely taken falls. A few more years left. Photos available upon request. Vintage Cross Country Ski Set (skis and poles), circa 1960s or 1970s. Call to discuss. BD Purgatory skis, not work skiing, free with any other purchase. Digital Cameras: 2015 Sony Alpha 6000 with 16-50 lens. Still works, but is degraded: zoom does not work (well), semi-unreliable. If I had more time I would have sent in to be repaired, but I ran out of time and priorities. Probably an easy turn around for someone. $75 2011 Nikon D3100. No (known) problems at all. Not in a long time. 55-200 and 18-55 lenses. $125. Chest harness camera bag included. Small tripod. $10 Big tripod. $15 Chest harness camera bag. $20 Randoms Books ($5 for 1; $9 for 2; $12 for 3; $15 for 4; $17 for 5; $1 each for 6 or more): Climbing from Gym to Crag The Mountaineering Handbook A Complete Guide to Ski Touring and Ski Mountaineering Gym Climbing Maximizing your Indoor Experience Wilderness Medicine, Beyond First Aid Allen & Mikes Really Cool Telemark Tips Everest: The West Ridge (3rd revision) Off the Wall: Death in Yosemite K2: The Savage Mountain Bear Books x 5 The Rock Climbing Guide to Europe Waterfall Ice, Climbs in the Canadian Rockies 3rd Edition, by Joe Jo. $50 East Coast Guide Books: Seneca (2nd Edition) Selected Climbs in North Carolina Rock Climbing (VA, WV, MD) ADK Rock Secrets of the Notch The Climber’s Guide to North America: East Coast Rock Climbs Rock Climbs in the White Mountains of New Hampshire The Gunks Guide (Todd Swain) Selected Climbs in the Northeast Best Backcountry Skiing in the Northeast Rock Climbing: New England Middle USA: RMNP: The High Peaks Rock Climbing: Colorado Longs Peak: It’s Story and a Climbing Guide Rock Climbing: Utah Rock Climbing: Desert Rock IV Classic Rock Climbs: Red Rocks Joshua Tree Rock Climbing: Tahquitz and Suicide Rocks Best Climbs: Joshua Tree National Park The Trad Guide to Joshua Tree PNW: Rock Climbing: Smith Rock State Park Rock Climbing: Washington Best Climbs: Cascade Volcanoes 100 Best Cross Country Ski Trails in Washington 100 Classic Backcountry Ki and Snowboard Routes in Washington Olympic Mountains: A Climbing Guide Washington Ice: A Climbing Guide Mount Rainier: A Climbing Guide Selected Climbs in the Cascades: Volume I Selected Climbs in the Cascades: Volume II Military Books: Horse Soldiers On Killing: The Psychological Cost of Learning to Kill in War and Society Where Men Win Glory: The Odyssey of Pat Tillman The Longest Winter The Last Stand of the Tin Can Soldiers Seal Team Six Six Frigates Fatal Voyage Destroyer Battles The Final Storm Abandon Ship: The Saga of the USS Indianapolis, the Navy’s Greatest Sea Disaster Ship of Ghosts: The Story of the USS Houston, FDR’s Legendary Lost Cruiser and the Epic Saga of Her Survivors Japanese Destroyer Captain
  11. Bump and updated. Adding: 20# propane tank. Mr Buddy Heater
  12. BUMP and updated for sold items. If you're looking for something different or specific, let me know and I might / probably have it and could possibly be willing to part with it to avoid brining it to Japan. Thanks to the folks who confirmed their orders and came in person!
  13. also posted in Everett CL https://seattle.craigslist.org/sno/cto/d/everett-4xsprinter-turn-key-price-drop/6802496087.html I bought the van from a Denver CL in 2017, while living in Everett. both Denver and Everett have been running in parallel. Do you have another recommendation?
  14. Updated for sold items. Lot's of interest in stuff, I'd like to hold for confirmed buyers, but can't hold for people just interested. Thanks!
  15. Weather looks less-than-ideal for skiing, so I'm looking for a climbing partner for the weekend: Open to anything, but eyes on something relatively big with favorable weather, albiet a little windy. Stuff in Enchantments, Baker, Shuksan, Hood, Index (?), Pearly Gates (?), Snoqualmie Pass area (NY Gulley, Tooth, Chair, what else?) …. Glacier Peak, in a mega overnight sat-sun trip …. it's probably possible ... I'd prefer to travel on skis, and request the same. If you've got to boot, we can probably make it work depending on the objective. Prefer C2C, but not opposed to an overnight …. Also wiling to go on a big MTB ride … that ride that no one else wants to do …. Thanks, Dave 239-two-three-three-2002
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