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  1. Bolting etiquette (for solo climbing)

    Personally, I think you guys have your heads up your asses. It's ok to bolt the route and have bolted anchors, but not ok to add a bottom anchor? This is pure arrogance.
  2. whats wrong with the world?

    Heh, that's pretty funny. Actually Steve House wishes he was as bad ass as Colin Haley. Even Chuck Norris wishes he was as bad ass as Colin. Steven Seagal, OTOH, wishes he was a young boy in a flowered print dress with a pink bow in his hair.
  3. Idaho

    For girls or sheep?
  4. Interesting

    Hey Kevlimp, That should keep you occupied for years.
  5. Interesting

    It's 'their' studies, shit-for-brains.
  6. Bouldering Accident at Stone Gardens

    Didn't you call out SAR when a friend missed tea time? I didn't call out SAR, I reported them overdue, with a storm coming in the next day, not that I need to defend my actions, dumbass. You're sounding pretty defensive there, junior.

    Dood, that the 'secret' crag in Renton. Shhh.
  8. Bouldering Accident at Stone Gardens

    Didn't you call out SAR when a friend missed tea time?
  9. Five fingered shoe opinions?

    Five-toed shoes are aid.
  10. Gear for sale:

    Actually, the DMM Fly has a one piece pick/hammer or pick/adze.
  11. Discuss!

    Oly started it.
  12. Revealed for the first time...

    Why invest in these sketchy schemes when one can easily get rich in Seattle by flipping real estate. Or puppies.
  13. The best OW's from Squamish to Smith

    The correct answer is (of course) Yo Mamma.
  14. snowline in der icicle?

    Just don't leave your damn draws up, wanker.
  15. Discuss!

    There's a blowjob joke in there somewhere.
  16. Looking for "Eric" from Yakima

    Everybody here is Dru.
  17. Malamute Logged...WTF???

    How many trees have been, ahem, pruned so that folks could climb in Smoke Bluffs?
  18. WTB - big wall harness

    If you do go the mail order route, I've bought a ton of stuff from these guys: http://www.northernmountain.com/detail/PA12045 Join their club and you'll get 10% off regularly priced items. If you wait around long enough, they periodically have a e-coupon for $20 off any order over $100, which would put you under the magic $100. Too bad the last e-coupon just expired on Mar 31.
  19. Shooting at UW

    If we had a law against shooting other people, these sorts of things wouldn't happen.
  20. Snow Creek Trail - Found High Value Item

    Are you the bastard who stole my quickdraws off Outer Space? I was getting ready to send my project!
  21. So says the Seattle School District. This is an April Fool's joke, right?
  22. My Arm hurts!

    Personally, I think it's hemorroids.
  23. There's a pretty good article on him in the April Rock and Ice. Check it out.