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  1. Did this route a few weeks ago approaching via Silver Star Creek. No snow other than tiny patches at the base at that time. Didn't need more than tennies.
  2. But that's when I'm always at the crux. Seriously though, all of the cars got windows smashed again? Lame, and every time I go there I say it hasn't happened to me "YET" (yet being the key word). Sad you have to speak as if it is only a matter of time. Maybe I should report a gun got stolen from my car or something - maybe the cops will get involved then.
  3. Looking to chat with a hand surgeon and/or hand and wrist expert who is preferably also a rock climber. Anyone ever had scapholunate ligament surgery and still climb? Not really looking for medical advice, just straight talk on possible outcomes from scapholunate repair surgery.
  4. Sorry all. Hope it clears up soon, and you have no lasting ill affect effects.
  5. Can anyone provide an update? Maybe climbing as far as 8-mile campground or something. Thanks.
  6. I thought it meant "X marks the spot". I pull on those all the time in hopes there's treasure back there.
  7. Is that that guy with the dogs? Super nice, older guy, always shows up in the afternoons? He may have the record for accents up Godzilla .
  8. Thanks for the advice. I'll try and remember that next time I do a multi day trip. I'll just sleep when I'm done.
  9. For fists, probably want to have your hand turned so your palm is either pointing out or into the crack, and not toward either side. You should be using cupped jams, otherwise. For your feet, maybe change the position of your heal - probably drop your heal just a tad. Don't know, just guessing.
  10. I was thinking of a return visit to Prusik. Possibility of fines and moral struggles have convinced me to figure something else out though .
  11. Thanks for the input and opinions. We would have an impact as we would help erosion on our approach, etc, maybe even a deuce or two. Sleeping on rocks and drinking from the lakes is not a big impact in my opinion, but that is another thread. I haven't gone for the lottery before, but based on the method of drawing names based on the website, it didn't sound promising. Said it didn't matter if you got there first, and with the holiday.... Anyway, maybe join the shit show in Squamish instead or something. Rather not be hassled and have to lie about where we are going and where we have been.
  12. Any consensus? Worth the risk? Find somewhere else to go over Labor Day Weekend? I think I remember somebody posting up about not having a permit and being stopped by a ranger, but it turning out ok.
  13. AOK, You're about my age right now. I tore the meniscus in my right knee. It really wasn't too bad, but would kind of swell up after longish days on it - long approaches, hiking, etc. I went like that for a couple years - I assume I messed up my knee crashing dirtbikes in my early 20s, but I'm not sure. About 5 years ago, I finally got it checked out, as I was sick of knowing something could be a liability at one point. Got the whole X-ray/MRI gig. Partial tear - you could see it in the MRI. Doc said pretty common injury, blah, blah, blah. Got the surgery - just a couple small punctures where the tools are shoved in. Made me a nice DVD of the operation. Went smooth at first, but got a blood clot in my knee after 3 days - not the kind that could break and stroke you though. It made my knee swell up big time for a few weeks. Anyway, that is not too common. Some physical therapy helps get full confidence again, and a I was back 90% in probably 4 months. 100% shortly after. In reality I would say someone our age - 3 months or less would be common to get 100% physical and "mental" recovery. I said I would never do that shit (surgery) again after that. Now, my knee is great. If you don't want to drop the cash, or have shitty "insurance", I'd say take it easy for a bit. Train upper body only for a few weeks, and give it time to heal - only if nothing devastating happened. Slowly work back into it, maybe some stationary biking, or chill biking is in order - it will help keep loose and range of motion. Only you know if it's really fucked up. After a few weeks, if you don't think you can run, and then cut left or right real hard, get it looked at.
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