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  1. the queens of spray

    ok, but i think in order to say that, and answer pink's question, you need to be a chic.
  2. the queens of spray

    who's really gonna be like "Pick me!! I'm the hottest on this site!!"? Well, except maybe Amber... i guess she already declared herself as hot.
  3. Hot Climbing at RR Rendevous

    i'll be there too! do i get free beer?
  4. the queens of spray

    haha i like how after 16 posts no one has even said a name or posted a picture of these "hot chics" on cc.com. We do have a man of some sort in suspenders though...
  5. PDX Urban Jam Guide...

    if jamming is the antithesis of everything you like about climbing, why are you keen to learn after 30 years of climbing without? Take a road trip up to Index some sunny spring weekend...
  6. Coffee

    Bellingham I like Avellino downtown. Great Fair Trade coffee and they make wonderful muffins, gluten-free muffins, and this amazing drink called a lemon ginger blast. They also have fresh squeezed orange juice. So they have really good coffee and yummy treats to go along with it! My boyfriend likes the Black Drop as well. I have yet to try it.
  7. For you Nutella freaks out there

    Wow! I never thought about making it myself. Nutella is so dang expensive to buy, but if i could make my own version that is just as good for cheaper, i'm in. Plus, the store-bought kind has partially hydrogenated oils in it Thanks for the recipe!!
  8. hot climbing girls?

    Some climber guys and some climber girls are attractive, but compared to other sports, and compared to the general public, I think it's a much lower percentage.
  9. [TR] Snoqualmie Mtn - NY Gulley 1/16/2007

    ow oww!!! Nice work. That's full on.
  10. I'm spending Christmas in Maui and was just wondering if anyone knew of any rock climbing there. I poked around on the internet and didn't find anything so i thought i'd ask the experts.
  11. Shut up Cheney -- Dems win Senate

    Yes, as President Bush said today about the GOP, they got "a thumpin." Who says that?!? All i can say is that i'm excited to see what the Daily Show says about that one!
  12. Running rain jacket?

    I run in a synthetic t-shirt and dri-fit shorts in the rain. If the rain is cold i wear some light-weight nike running gloves. I don't even notice the rain after about 3 minutes into my run. Do you want a jacket because you don't like getting wet while running or to keep you warm? I find that i stay pretty warm in the rain.
  13. Better than Stone Nudes?

    I think it's great that all of those cute kiddos like to run around in "I <3 climbing" shirts, but you could have fooled me if you said that they never climbed. I looked at the pictures and thought, "Maybe they're all sitting down on the ground belaying," but there wasn't even a rope! So i'm not sure what they were all doing sitting together on the ground... ???????? Let's face it, though. Climbing is all about fashion. I don't know about the other gals, but i always make sure i wear my cutest outfit and put on all my make up before i climb on... the rock that is.
  14. Fat People Reduce Vehicle Mileage

    i've actually wondered before how much fuel economy was decreased when heavier people were in the cars. I need not wonder anymore.
  15. Video Editing Software?

    I have used both Adobe Premier and Windows Movie Maker (which came on my laptop with all my microsoft programs). Most computers have Windows Movie Maker. I didn't even know i had it until my friend made me a movie and told me i probably had it too! You can add titles, music, speed/slow down the clips, add pictures in, basically everything you need! It's awesome! Adobe Premier is just more expensive and has a few more fancy tricks.
  16. Ropeup 2006 - Oct 13-15 Eight Mile Group Campsite

    I enjoyed meeting a lot of you even though Blake and I were not there for very long. I"m not as scared of the sprayers now. Maybe i just didn't meet the scary ones... or maybe everyone was just jolly from the beer. None the less, had a good time! Thanks for organizing it.
  17. What's the purpose of the random-word spams?

    I thought they were just sent out to piss people off
  18. laptop advice

    Yeah, I own a Dell Latitude D505 and the screen has gone out twice now in the last 2 years. The first time everything went dim and the second time the hinge broke off and the screen wouldn't work. luckily I payed extra to receive a 2 year warrenty on ANYTHING that broke on the comp no questions asked... including if i dropped it (which i have not yet). The warrenty has been my saving grace, as screens for this laptop are $1,600.
  19. shaving pussiy

    i like his wild side. Taming it would be a shame.
  20. Exit 38 Wed. after work

    I'm moving back up to Bellingham for school so i'll no longer be joining ya'll for the midweek climbs. It was great to meet all of you and thanks for the fun, encouragment, and teaching. Happy climbing!
  21. shaving pussiy

    As much as i hate cats, this just seems wrong.
  22. What's Good Today?

    I'm going climbing right now and the weather is gorgeous!
  23. Flying with gear (update)

    Just wear your rope. Wrap it around your body and say it's your sweater.
  24. Even Bushies gotta think the guys a dinkis

    Does he EVER say anything?
  25. post cute pictures here

    No no no. If you want cute, you must go to this site: www.cuteoverload.com