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  1. found a Rack

    milosh. is jakov of 3rd resource. agin I asking my rope, menny times is thes waiting Milosh, I give meybe 10 "PM". I fergive of my wife Milosh, she is hore, and we can comrdes forall time.
  2. proper breakfast diet

    Miloshk...is this Jakov of 3rd resource and contol:Alpine ccourse works. is time you retuned this rope and prssiking cords. only you said"2 wweks comrade" now is 17 years again, here I am find you agin Miloshk Antonopov Zhdu vashego otveta.
  3. '06 Spring/Summer Tick List

    Jakov brings illumination and perspective:
  4. my opinions of CC.com

    gretest dog in all: Mischka
  5. my opinions of CC.com

    Mischka this greatest dog with Jakov nd climb; These populist web/voctional is a unique essence!
  6. Alpine Wall ascent

    now with broken ass: Jakov....soon time is agin fro climb and scrmbing. Jeff: are with alpinist assortment?
  7. my opinions of CC.com

    sonn will come Jakov and newest for many peeks!
  8. Tent Question

    a best tent has weight, the architecture can make desine WITHOUT exces of frame.Space sufice for Jakov is important....for other no.
  9. Climb: Ellensburg Icefall- Date of Climb: 3/18/2006 Trip Report: Mischka(Dog) went and Jakov for hike near to this east city og Ellensburg.This was beautiful sunday for find new icerout at Ellensburg! More time will be 1 ascent!! Cangratulation! Approach Notes: nearest: Yakima river
  10. Climbing Crimea

    Phographs in Bakchisarai, Ukraine
  11. Alpine Wall ascent

    Seeking for make partner: Jakov. Climbing for campanion and alpine. Snow or ice and rock routes in Washington and area. Make mesaage here or with pakdong@hotmail.com
  12. Tard? Sport? Boulder?

    I am new to this arfea from Ukraine and I never know that is so much bureaucritzation wand climbing. At home we climb all and make no differences such with trad spoert and boulder. Here its very competition with the different skills. I have many skills such as 3rd resource and contol:Alpine. I am looking for Partner Jakov. Is this site suitable?