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  1. Lillooet Ice Mon.-Tues. (Dec.21-22)

    Thinking about heading up there on Tuesday night, please post what you find, thanks!
  2. Gorge Ice 2009

    Wow you guys are totally killing it, nice job!
  3. Gorge Ice 2009

    Nice work boys.
  4. Amazing! Squamish is the coolest place ever and there is no better way to see it (or to access the endless rock across the sound!) than on a boat. Nice work.
  5. jtree xmas 2008

    Agreed, Red Rocks is amazing.
  6. Awesome! If you ever wanted to push it even further you could leave the 26 traffic behind and mt bike the trail all the way up to T-Line from Zig-Zag!
  7. I would have to agree about that 2nd pitch on YW. I tried that for the first time a few weeks ago and that totally chossy cave thing really gave me grief, I just stared up at it forever thinking, "i think this is where i need to go but that looks like total ass and there's no way there is any decent gear up there"... Yeah, take out the bolts on the traversey part down low (there's good gear there) and put one in where it would be useful...
  8. cold springs th closed due to forest fire!

    My thoughts exactly... darn. Although it may have been a little too late already...
  9. fly fishing portland area?

    I'd go fishin with you sometime Billy, but if you're a noob than I'm not sure what that makes me, considering I haven't used my fly rod in 6 years...
  10. Mt Adams road conditions?

    Any updates on the South side? I'm hoping it might be melting faster than the North side?
  11. Helmets for cragging - likes & dislikes

    Another vote for the Elios, I really like mine. I don't even notice I'm wearing it and it's super durable.
  12. "Practice fall" to test gear leads to fatality

    Obviously it DOES happen, to climbers of all abilities and experiences. What a terrible tragedy, my thoughts are with his belayer and his family and friends.
  13. Huge fall at Smith

    Leading on gear at Smithie ='s scary! Of course I still do it anyways, but yikes!
  14. how do you get off Ed's Jam, Tieton?

    Yup. And yes, that is a way fun line...
  15. Skiing in the sisters this weekend

    So, how was the weather up there this weekend? We bailed because of the forecast, climbed sunny handcracks in Tieton instead.... I'm curious if it ended up being as nasty as predicted?
  16. Skiing in the sisters this weekend

    Sounds like you guys think SE Ridge will be a no-go for ascending, descending, or both? I hope it dries up a little! And we are planning on leaving portland super early tomorrow am, hopefully hiking by 9ish...
  17. Skiing in the sisters this weekend

    Myself and 3 others are planning the same trip, coming down from Portland. See you out there, hopefully the weather clears up a little
  18. Your Climbing Heroes

    Lynn Hill. Hands down the most inspiring for anyone female, IMO.
  19. PDX crags

    Beacon is worth the trip for sure, it is a unique place. Everything else, not so much.
  20. Skinning up Hood from Govy via Glade Trail

    I'm pretty sure this is true, a few years ago a friend and I skinned up to T-Lodge from the Summit ski area and we went off to the right up a really mellow trail that came out near the lodge. From there you could go over to the climber's trail and skin up Palmer from there. No need to go through the ski area. On the way down we went down the steeper trail straight down from the lift.
  21. Dog pack for hiking

    My pup has a Ruff Wear pack, it's great. Just big enough for a water bottle in one side and some food in the other... The only thing to watch for is you have to try and make sure the sides are equally weighted, otherwise it shifts, which I would think is uncomfortable to carry!
  22. Dog breeds

    Awwww!!!! Cutie!
  23. "Crossfit" for Diet for Crossfit??

    Go here for some good recipes to try, most of them are submitted by my Crossfit coach... http://www.cathletics.com/zen/index.php
  24. Dog breeds

    Don't stress too much about the cats vs dogs thing. It is really not a big deal. Let them check each other out and they will get used to each other. Before you know it they will be spooning each other on the couch. The Humane Society is really good about saying which dogs are good with cats and which aren't. There are so many wonderful pups out there who need homes, you won't have any trouble finding one that fits your family situation. I would have to say I'm partial to German Shepherd mixes, their intelligence and loyalty are unlike any other, but without the confirmation/lameness issues of the purebreds...
  25. Models go climbing...

    Dammit, I must have missed that episode. That show gets more and more hilarious every season.