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  1. Thanks again! She had the surgery this morning and is resting/texting/repeat. She's in a sling with this device over it that delivers cold water through it so we don't have to deal with ice bags. The pain meds are working well. The doctor gave us a bunch of pics from the surgery. The tear was bad. He said rehab would not have fixed. I asked about that. He also did more than planned in there. He'd treated her for a loose shoulder a couple of years ago. She did months of PT to get everything strengthened, but he said it was still very loose and could easily dislocate so he tightened up the front in addition to the work in the back. Anyway, so far so good.
  2. Thanks all. Really appreciate all the replies/suggestions/advice. Surgery's scheduled for next week. Have the date, just waiting for the time confirmation. Glassgowkiss - she stopped swimming back in early July. Started again for high school season in late August, but that only lasted a couple of days. It hurt too much. Doc talked about her doing rehab for another 6 months before having surgery, but after speaking with him, decided to go the surgical route.
  3. Thanks! I rechecked the surgery orders. I'd read it wrong. It's the same as yours. Labral.
  4. My 15 year old is scheduled to have shoulder surgery in a week and a half. She went over the handlebars in Sunriver in July. X-rays showed a minor separation, but it wasn't healing, she couldn't swim (competitive swimmer) and hurt to do a few basic things such as her hair. Recent MRI showed the tear. I know nothing about what she'll be going through except 6 weeks in a sling, 6 months rehab and possibly back in the pool by May. Looking for any advice or info that can help me help her. Thanks!
  5. Okay, only one or two big cats, but really great photos of some cute felines. Ivan, save yourself agitation and ignore this post. This linky is for cat lovers only. I recommend playing the optional soundtrack. Yeah, it's former Go-go Belinda Carlisle, but the song does add to the viewing experience. At least for this female Meow
  6. rmncwrtr

    Sobo's Updates...

    Off - you're a bit off on what birthday this is for dear Sobo. At least according to FB But maybe that'll drag him onto this thread to correct it! BTW, I heard back from him a week or so ago. He said he's not getting on cc.com much these days.
  7. rmncwrtr

    Sobo's Updates...

    So good to hear from you, Sobo! Thanks for the update. Know you're busy, but appreciate when you can check in. Yeah, I worry! Take care and hope you like the new base! :kisss:
  8. rmncwrtr

    Sobo's Updates...

    Hey, handsome. Time for a check-in, update, poke... Miss you!
  9. So jealous! Muffy took me climbing for the first time at the Columns in Eugene. So much fun! You'll have a blast!
  10. Going great! I feel like a new person. It's unbelievable. Mood, energy, no pain and the tendonitis in my knee no longer bugs me! I have yet to eat candy. Don't miss it. I also don't miss grains or legumes at all. I tried reintroducing dairy, but it made me feel icky so I'll save that for special occasions only. Slowly will be reintroducing things I'd cut out, adding them in per the book's schedule. I lost 15 lbs, too! Dropped a clothing size. I walked twice a week during the 30 days. I'm starting to work out more to get in better shape. I may now weigh the same as I did before the ski accident, but I sure don't look the same! Hubby thinks I'm still loosing weight but I'm trying not to focus on the number on the scale. If you're thinking about doing this, the forum on the whole9life.com site is a good place to ask questions/get support and the two Facebook pages have some good info on them!
  11. Love the pic, Chirp Thanks for posting it! You should upload it to icanhazcheeseburger.com. That would be a fun one to caption.
  12. rmncwrtr

    Sobo's Updates...

    Add me to the list of those wanting an update. Hope all is well. :kisss:
  13. I'm on day 16 and so happy I did this! Highly recommend it for those who care. I'm going to go play elsewhere where I can find the support I was seeking in the OP. This thread has evolved into something else.
  14. Sorry it didn't work, Bill. I tried to see if I could message the guy about making them public, but we're not FB friends so can't. Best I can tell since I saw the pic of my friend on the summit with Mark's son releasing his ashes and then later a news interview with the same friend who is with PMR about yesterday's fall is that some of the crew with Mark's family helped that climber.
  15. This pic came across my FB wall because I'm friends with one of the guys who made the climb with Mark's family to spread his ashes. I don't know if the photos are public or if I can see them because of my friend was tagged, but so worth a look. The shots from the entire album are great.
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